Prince William's Former Flings

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Prince William's Former Flings

Prince William and Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding is one of the most anticipated upcoming events in April 2011. Although William and Kate are adored as a couple in the UK and around the world, the Prince charmed many young ladies before he found the love of his life, Kate.

Prince William's first official girlfriend, Rose Farquhar, is still a good friend of Prince Harry. Rose is the daughter of Captain Ian Farquhar, Master of the Beaufort Hunt, a fox hunting pack in England. Rose is a singer and an actress. William first met Rose in 2000.

In 2001, Prince William dated Arabella Musgrave. Arabella now is a PR employee for Gucci. Prince William dated Arabella after meeting her at a polo match. The two split after deciding a long-distance relationship would be too tough as William was leaving to go to St. Andrews.

William's first girlfriend while at St. Andrews was Carly Massy-Birch. William was attracted to the fact she was a country girl. Carly and William's short lived romance came to a quick end when Carly found out about Prince William staying in contact and visiting previous girlfriend, Arabella Musgrave.

Olivia Hunt was Prince William's next girlfriend while attending St. Andrews. William was actually still with Olivia when he saw Kate modeling a black, see-thru lace dress at a fashion show for charity called, "Don't Walk." Olivia's relationship with William ended April 2002. Soon after the split, Prince William started spending time with Kate.

It was not all about Kate quite yet; Prince William is rumored to have dated Jecca Craig in 2003. Jecca and William staged a mock engagement while staying in Kenya at Jecca's family's estate. William remains close to Jecca's family.

Prince William and bride-to-be Kate were finally exposed as a couple after they went skiing in Klosters together in March 2004. Although Kate had quite a wait, she finally got the proposal she was waiting patiently for while vacationing with William in Kenya in October 2010. Kate tells all in an interview on YouTube, about how truly Romanic William was when purposing to Kate.