'RuPaul's Drag Race' Star Alaska Debuts Surreal New ‘Aliens’ Music Video

Alaska & Jeremy's 'Aliens' music video
PEG Records/VEVO

RuPaul’s Drag Race star Alaska is bringing her inimitable creativity and one-of-a-kind artistic style to an exciting musical venture alongside her longtime collaborator, Jeremy Mikush, with their new band, Alaska & Jeremy.

ET has an exclusive look at the music video for the first single, “Aliens,” and it is out of this world.

In the music video -- largely set in an open meadow appropriately surrounded by cows, the most frequent victims of UFO abductions -- Alaska, not rocking her over-the-top glam outfits she’s best known for, asks some of the biggest questions facing the world today.

"If the aliens came down today/What would they do? What would they say?" she croons, from atop a grand piano played masterfully by Jeremy. “Would they like what we’ve done with the place?/Would they tell us the secrets of the human race?”

The video also gives Alaska a chance to show just how wild her style can be in scenes where she plays an alien queen in all her intergalactic regalia.

The song -- which is a far cry from Alaska’s solo musical endeavors -- is one of the tracks off Alaska & Jeremy’s first album, Amethyst Journey, which has been a passion project for the reality star and musician.

“Jeremy and I have been making music together for over 9 years. After taking a retreat into the woods of the Russian River Valley to write, reflect, and commune with nature and one another, Amethyst Journey was born,” Alaska -- the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars season two -- said in a statement. “The album is a collection of songs that are a combination of our outlook and inspirations -- a response to current issues and the state of our planet.”

The concern for world affairs is certainly evident in the somber yet hopeful lyrics of their debut single, including the line, “What is a war? Why does it start? Why build a planet just to tear it apart?”

Amethyst Journey is available on digital streaming platforms and Alaska & Jeremy’s website on Aug. 17.


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