Russell Wilson Shares Hilarious Video After Getting His Wisdom Teeth Out

The NFL player's wife, Ciara, recorded the hilarious moment.

Russell Wilson was loopy after getting four wisdom teeth removed. Both the 32-year-old Seattle Seahawks quarterback and his wife, Ciara, took to Instagram to share clips of his post-surgery behavior, in which Russell was hilariously dazed.

In one video, Russell, who's being pushed in a wheelchair while sporting a matching sweat suit, a baseball cap, and sunglasses, is just babbling away. 

"Numbing... just woke up from anesthesia," he wrote alongside the clip, adding a series of laughing and sick emojis to his post.

Ciara, 35, shared the clip as well with a crying laughing emoji, writing, "My baby was gone."

Another clip featured more gibberish from Russell, though Ciara provided a caption to give better insight into what her husband was saying.

"Myyy lippps hurrrttt," she wrote alongside the video of Russell touching his swollen lips.

ET spoke to Russell in February, and he opened up about keeping his relationship with Ciara strong after tying the knot in 2016 and having two kids, Sienna, 4, and Win, 9 months. Ciara is also mom to Future, 6, from her previous relationship with Future.

"You got to keep it sexy, you got to keep it romantic, you got to constantly put each other first, and we have our date nights every Friday," he told ET. "We try to do our thing and have our one-on-one time and make sure that we spend that quality time doing something fun together. That's one key thing."

"Just constantly communicating," he continued. "We're always talking, we're always loving on each other, making sure we're constantly asking how we're doing, this and that. We always want to make sure our souls are well… We're always focused on that."



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