Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford Completely Lose It in Hilarious, Boozy 'Blade Runner 2049' Interview -- Watch!

This may be their funniest interview yet!

Ryan Gosling kinda has a history of losing it on camera, and it looks like his Blade Runner 2049 co-star, Harrison Ford, is starting to catch on!

To promote their new film, out on Friday, the two were guests on the British morning show, This Morning. While chatting with host Alison Hammond, they simply couldn't hold it together.

It was a giggle-filled interview from beginning to end, and the laughter all started when Hammond confessed she had never seen the original 1982 movie, which also starred Ford. Her infectious laugh was enough to get everyone on set laughing out loud.

"I appreciate your candor," Gosling said.

Gosling quickly turned to booze in an attempt to get it together, and Hammond followed suit.

"Help yourselves," Ford joked. "I notice there is nothing left for me."

"I needed that," Hammond added. "I've warmed up!"

After Ford stole Gosling's glass of whiskey, Hammond hilariously asked Gosling if he had fun behind the scenes... and if he spent any time knitting (poking fun at an interview he gave in 2013, where he admitted to GQ Australia that he learned to knit in 2007 from the "old ladies" on the set of his 2007 film, Lars and the Real Girl).

"Oh, we're going to go there," he joked. "Oh, it's gonna be like that?"

Gosling jokingly started walking away from the interview, asking if the camera guys needed any help. When he returned, Hammond ended the interview by asking questions like whether Ford would be up for starring in the sequel to La La Land and how he feels about stunts.

Watch it all go down in the video below:

When ET caught up with Gosling at San Diego Comic-Con in July, he gave us the scoop on what it was like working alongside Ford.

"I was kind of in a constant state of [nervousness while filming]," he confessed. "It's kind of surreal to be a part of this film, because it's such an important part of film history, and also, you know, [I'm] obviously a great admirer of Harrison's. So, to get to work with him and, you know, hang out in these situations... I feel very lucky."

"He's cooler than all of those characters [he's played onscreen]," he added. "You realize that all of those kind of iconic moments from those movies are things that he wrote or created."

Hear more in the video below!

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