Ryan Reynolds Answers the Age-Old Question: Which Chris Is the Hottest Chris?

Ryan Reynolds at 2017 Time 100 Gala
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for TIME

Well played, Ryan Reynolds.

The 41-year-old actor had the unenviable task of answering an extremely difficult question posed to him by a fan via Twitter on Tuesday: which Chris is the hottest Chris?

Specifically, the fan wrote, "Only if you can settle an argument with me and my friends. Which Chris is hotter, Hemsworth, Pratt, or Evans?" The tweet was actually in response to a hilarious question Ryan asked earlier in the day: "Can someone settle an argument between me and my priest? Which Kardashians are pregnant?"

Always a good sport, the Deadpool star refused to pick favorites. "When ordering ice cream, I like to get all three scoops," he responded.

And he even corrected the fan's mistake, making sure to add in Chris Pine -- who mocked the scruffy white guy named Chris debate in his Saturday Night Live monologue last May -- in a follow-up tweet.

Look, we wouldn't want to settle that debate either, seeing as all four Chrises are pretty fantastic. But we do agree with this prayer that Ryan will one day run for president:

We, too, will ignore that the father of two was born in Canada.

Now the real question is, how will Chris Martin and his Just Friends co-star Chris Klein feel about being left out of the equation?

Chris Martin, Michael J. Fox and Ryan Reynolds
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Just Friends cast
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Sorry, other Chrises!


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