Ryan Seacrest Says He's Still Happy Hosting 'American Idol,' While Judges Share Craziest Auditions (Exclusive)

The 'American Idol' crew took over ET to talk craziest auditions, their favorite part about traveling together and more!

Twenty-one years later, Ryan Seacrest is still happy to be hosting American Idol. Seacrest and the AI crew, including judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan took over ET, asking each other questions about season 21 and the craziest auditions they've witnessed to date.

"Yes. Yes, I am," Seacrest said when asked if he's still happy hosting the singing competition series. "I really like the live shows."

This group has been together for six seasons, and they've seen some things in that time. As far as the most wild, it would have to be when they meet the contestants who share the same name as them.

'We've had contestants named Katy Perry," Perry shared. "Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan."

"I met a Ryan Seacrest," Seacrest chimed. "I met them. Met her."

"Her name is Ryan Seacrest?" a surprised Perry asked. "Her name is Ryan Seacrest," Seacrest confirmed.

"Did y'all have feminine similarities?" Bryan asked. "It was like looking in a mirror," Seacrest joked.

"We met us. It was wild," Perry added.

They also marveled at their time together and how well they've meshed as a group over the years.

"We're in our sixth season together," Seacrest shared. "This is more of a statement. How crazy is it to think we've been doing this for six years already and we're still able to put up with each other?"

"Everybody enjoys everybody," Seacrest noted.  

"Can I be honest with you?" Richie added. "I think it's good. I love it because now we kinda know we can kinda go further with playing with each other because...." "There's a trust," Seacrest said.  

"We were trying to be a little bit on the edge of polite, but now it's just full-on war," Richie noted, pointing out the group's non-stop shenanigans. 

Jokes aside, in addition to traveling around the country and discovering incredible talent, the judges and Seacrest genuinely enjoying spending time together and have built a bond over the last six seasons.

"Just that familiarity between us," Perry said when asked about her favorite thing about being on the road together. "Finding incredible talent. Discovering incredible talent and going to these really cool cities we get to go to."

Richie added, "Also, I gotta tell you, just hanging out after the show. We learn one more new thing about each other every trip." 

He continued, "I thought I would know everything, and we hang out one more night, I go, 'Oh, I found out one more thing,' and now it’s just -- I love it."

See Seacrest, Richie, Perry and Bryan on season 21 of American Idol, airing Sundays at 8:00 p.m. on ABC.



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