Sabrina Carpenter on What Fans Can Expect From Her 'Very Personal' Album (Exclusive)

Her new single, 'Fast Times,' is out now.

Sabrina Carpenter is ready for her next chapter. ET's Denny Directo spoke to the 22-year-old singer ahead of the release of her upcoming album, which, she teased, will take fans "through a very pivotal chapter in my life" when it's released later this year.

"I'm so excited, I'm nervous, I'm scared. I'm all the things I think you normally would be to put out something that's different or something that just feels a little too personal," Carpenter told ET. "... I spent a pandemic kind of figuring it out, figuring out the heart of what it really is, and I couldn't be more excited."

Carpenter is no stranger to the music business, having released her debut album, Eyes Wide Open, back in 2015. Since then, and with her subsequent albums, most recently 2019's Singular: Act II, her fans have been "too patient" for her to put out new music, which shows that there's "something really beautiful about how much they care."

"I think it's really, really the most incredible thing that the fans have stuck with me this long because you could never ask for that. I could truly never ask for the love and dedication that they give me," Carpenter said. "... What I am also so lucky about is that it doesn't feel like work. The fact that it's that kind of a relationship with them, it just makes me want to give them the world and I'm very grateful for that."

Carpenter began granting fans' wish for new music on Friday, when she released her new single, "Fast Times," and an accompanying music video.

She co-wrote the song with real-life couple Julia Michaels and JP Saxe, and the group had "so much fun" doing so.

"We wrote the song so quickly that we really spent a lot more time on the production of it and making it come to life and feeling what it is now," Carpenter explained. "Everything came pretty effortlessly."

The song, she said, "really feels like it's indicative of my age and just the choices that you make and the things that are thrown at you and just the way life feels."

As for the music video, Carpenter said she had a "specific vision" in mind, taking inspiration from Quentin Tarantino films and fashion cues from flicks like Fast & Furious and Charlie's Angels.

"The song feels so cinematic, all the strings, all the instrumentation really feels like a movie score to me. I wanted to kick some a** really badly," Carpenter said of the video, adding that "the more cinematic you go, the more fun you can kind of have because it just becomes limitless."

In addition to her upcoming musical releases, Carpenter is set to produce a live-action musical rendition of Alice in Wonderland for Netflix, of which she teases, "There's a lot that we're kind of experimenting with and I think it'll be worth the risk for sure."

When it comes to handling her busy schedule, Carpenter explained, "I think I was born with an unhealthy amount of drive."

"I don't think it's something I was taught or something that someone's been forcing me to do. I love creating... I love the way that I feel when I see great art or I hear great music," she told ET. "I'm just inspired by other people and their feelings and emotions. I think that's been the driving force. That, and I just enjoy it. I just love it."