Sabrina Carpenter Teases Upcoming Collaboration With Joshua Bassett

The singer said their song together is 'very dear' to her heart.

Sabrina Carpenter and Joshua Bassett have something exciting on the way. The 21-year-old singer gave a little insight on her and the The High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star's upcoming collaboration. Titled "We Both Know," Carpenter expressed that the song is "very dear" to her heart.

"I can't say too much and it's on his project so I'm like, I don't want to say too much that I can't say," Carpenter said during an interview with on Wednesday. "But it's a collaboration very dear to my heart that I'm very excited about."

Carpenter added that she and Bassett, her rumored boyfriend, worked on it "a while ago. I guess you'll have to see."

Bassett previously opened up about how the collaboration came to be, telling Febre Teen that after writing the song he reached out to Carpenter on Instagram to see if she'd be interested in working together.

"I sent her a quick message and was like, 'Hey I think you're really awesome and I have this song I think you would sound great on, let me know what you think,'" he recalled. "And she responded like ten minutes later, gave me her number, and I sent her the song. Fortunately, she liked it so we got together in the studio and it was just a blast to make."

Carpenter and Bassett's collaboration comes as the two are involved in a fan-made musical feud involving the actor's co-star and rumored ex, Olivia Rodrigo.

Last month, Rodrigo released "Drivers License," which contains lyrics that many think is about her, Bassett and Carpenter. In it, she sings about an unnamed ex and about how he's "probably with that blonde girl." Weeks later, Carpenter dropped "Skin," which fans speculated was in response to Rodrigo and includes the lyrics, "Maybe you didn’t mean it/ Maybe blonde was the only rhyme." None of these romances have been confirmed by the young stars.

In her interview with, Carpenter was asked if there was hesitation to put the word "blonde" in her song and what people might interpret.

"At the end of the day, the more I dance around the subject, the less people kind of understand where I’m coming from. Not that the goal is to get them to understand, ‘cause I don’t think at the end of the day you’re ever going to accomplish that," she said. "But the more honest I could be in that moment, and that fact is, exactly what I said, it wasn’t a call out to one person."

"That situation is a situation, and plenty of other things have happened in this past year alone in my life that I was like, ‘it’s getting to be a lot,’ and I need to compile these thoughts into one place," she continued. "And into one message that I can kind of come full circle with and constantly remind myself that people can only get to you if you allow them to."

She also added that it's "such a struggle not to be able to control the narrative and know that whether you say something or whether you don’t say something, people are gonna be mad at you either way."

"It’s really just one of those things where you have to kind of to do for yourself...and do it in the hopes that someone can find inspiration in the message," Carpenter noted.

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