Sadie Robertson Reveals What She Really Thinks of the March for Our Lives Movement (Exclusive)

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Sadie Robertson is living fearlessly. 

The 20-year-old former Duck Dynasty star is opening up about her new book, Live Fearless, what it means to be a leader and what she really thinks of all the young people taking a stand as part of the March for Our Lives movement over the weekend. 

"I think it's cool because all young people, and really everybody, we have this opportunity right now to really be a momentum of the movement that's happening and the change that's happening," she told ET in a Facebook Live interview on Tuesday. "I think about how I used to read books and all these people that used to do these incredible things in history and you're like, 'Wow! That person saved it for their time or that person did it,' and you always think, 'Man, if I was in that situation, would I do it?' 

"And now we're in this opportunity, in this position where it's not like, 'Would I do it?' It's like, 'Am I going to do it?'" she continued. "So it's cool to see people rise up and just do it, and lead with what they're passionate about and think is best for our world. That's essentially what we're all doing. We're all doing what we think is best for the world."

For Robertson, that includes continuing to inspire people through motivational speaking on her Live Original tour. But when it comes to the hot-button issue of gun control, Robertson is taking a backseat on those debates. 

"I haven't been up in the big debates," she explained. "I'm just really focused on investing in people's lives where they're at and I think that whenever you meet them where they're at, in their homes and their heart, I think then, ultimately, that helps in the debates -- because who they are is influenced by what you believe -- but that's kind of my approach."

See Robertson's full, unedited interview below, including her candid conversation on overcoming an eating disorder, setting the record straight on her relationship with Dancing With the Stars and Mark Ballas, and whether she might pursue a career in the music industry. 


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