Salma Hayek Dishes on Her Steamy Lap Dance From Channing Tatum in 'Magic Mike: Last Dance' (Exclusive)

Fans got a first-look at Hayek, who plays a wealthy socialite, when the trailer dropped last month.

When the first trailer for Magic Mike's Last Dance dropped last month, the headlines described Channing Tatum's lap dance on Salma Hayek as "sexy" and "steamy." Hayek, however, used two very different words to describe the seductive scene.

The 56-year-old actress spoke with ET's Rachel Smith and revealed exactly what it felt like when she filmed the scene seen 'round the world. In the trailer for the third installment of the popular franchise, Tatum reprises his role as "Magic" Mike Lane, who puts his special skillset on display for Hayek's character, a wealthy socialite.

After telling her that bartending is not really what he does, Tatum's character proceeds to give her such a powerful show that Hayek's character reveals the "magical moment ... made me remember who I really was." She now tells ET whether it was as steamy as everyone made the scene out to be.

"It's very physically challenging," says Hayek before motioning all the movements that went into pulling off the arousing scene. "My goodness. You just wait to see. It's just complicated."

Hayek, who along with Antonio Banderas, is in the middle of promoting their latest animated film, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, had to remind Banderas that Magic Mike's Last Dance is not out yet, after he told her he hadn't seen the film yet. The confusion allowed Hayek an opportunity to open up a bit about her Magic Mike role.

"I play a strong woman," Hayek reveals. "You know what was my day going into the office? I would just sit around and watch, like, 12 men, semi-naked dancing and doing pirouettes. And I got to boss them around."

"Poor girl. Poor you," Banderas quipped before joking he could have totally made a cameo in Tatum's film.

"He would have. He would have shamed them," chimed in Hayek. "He's a really good dancer, Antonio."

While fans wait on Magic Mike, fans will soon get to witness Hayek and Banderas' on-screen magic when they reunite for yet another project. Their friendship, of course, goes way back to when they starred in the 1995 western Desperado. Banderas recalled the start of their friendship as "very beautiful" after she had just arrived from Mexico to meet him.

"And it was the first time I did a screen test with someone and I was so nervous and he was kind," Hayek continued. "And it was so nice to be able to speak Spanish to the person. I was really nervous and he found it funny. He was laughing at everything and that relaxed me a lot."

They would go on to work on many projects together, including the 2011 animated film Puss in Boots, much to critical acclaim. The film resonated with a wide audience, grossing a whopping $550 million at the box office. In Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, fans can expect an animated film that, this time around, digs a little deeper.

"When Shrek came out the first time [in 2001], part of the brilliance of it was that it had humor, that the younger audience would interpret it one way and the older audience in a different way" explained Hayek, who voices the street-savvy cat Kitty Softpaws."And this one manages to do that with like deeper concepts about life and a lot of different messages, but not in a mushy way. It's in a very cool way but it has that with a humor, but it goes one step further into real interesting questions about life."

Banderas' character, the smooth-talking fugitive Puss, in particular begins to question himself and becomes vulnerable. Banderas explains why, "in a very profound and beautiful way without losing the perspective," this is a movie for young people.

"You know, after COVID kids all around the world they have been in confinement, and they have been asking questions -- what is going on out there that we cannot play with our friends? What is going on out there that we cannot go to school?" Banderas says. "So, they [have] those questions, and the movie is very, in a way, it's an existential movie."

"It's a reminder that we cannot stop living life and appreciating every single moment of it," Hayek added. "And I think that's a lovely reminder."

During their interview, the actors cuddled adorable kittens from Best Friends Animal Society, which works to save the lives of cats and dogs in America's shelters by 2025. To find out how you can get your very own Puss in Boots, go to

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish hits theaters Dec. 21.