Sam Richardson Talks 'Surreal' 'Hocus Pocus 2' Experience (Exclusive)

ET spoke to Richardson at the Film Independent Spirit Awards Sunday.

Sam Richardson's star continues to rise.

ET's Will Marfuggi spoke to Richardson at the 2022 Film Independent Spirit Awards Sunday where he spoke about his comedy career and his role in Hocus Pocus 2.

"It's one of things where you work hard for a long time...I've been living in L.A. for 10 years, Second City for eight years before that in Detroit and Chicago, so a lot of time put, and now that I'm seeing things kind of happen, it's kind of surreal," Richardson told ET of his comedy career. "Like you win the lottery two times over. Just gonna make sure I keep on [doing] stuff that I think is good. But really, I'm so appreciative. It really is a great time."

That's not the only surreal experience for the comedian. The 38-year-old, who is presenting an award at Sunday night's show, is also starring in the Hocus Pocus sequel, which follows three young women who accidentally bring back the Sanderson sisters to modern-day Salem, and then have to figure out how to stop the child-hungry witches from wreaking havoc on the world.

"It was incredible. All the ladies are back for Hocus Pocus 2," he said of joining the original cast for the Halloween-time classic's second installment. "They truly haven't missed a step. And it was so incredible to be in the movie and watch them putting the old hats back on and being those old characters, the sisters. It was so much fun."

A self-proclaimed true fan of the original, Richardson told ET he grew up watching Hocus Pocus.

"I grew up watching that movie, I'm a true fan of that movie," Richardson gushed. "Being in it, now being a part of that movie, [is] another one of those surreal moments."

Richardson previously spoke to ET about the 1993 film in January, where he shared more of what it was like to be on the set with the witchy Sanderson sisters, portrayed by Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy.

"To work with the ladies is so... I don’t want to use the word surreal again but I’m outside of myself when I’m doing these scenes," he mused. "I’m like, 'This is them!' They are the characters."

"The Sanderson sisters, you know, are like there, doing their spells and I have a grin on my face!" Richardson continued.

See Richardson and the OG Hocus Pocus crew when the film hits Disney+ in the fall.