Sam Rockwell Drops F-Bomb on 'Saturday Night Live' -- Watch the Awkward Moment!

Sam Rockwell letting f-bomb drop on Saturday Night Live 11/13/18
Saturday Night Live

Well, that's the danger of live TV.

On last night's episode of Saturday Night Live, host Sam Rockwell accidentally dropped an F-bomb live on the coast-to-coast broadcast. 

In a sketch that featured the recent Golden Globe winner as an increasingly frustrated science teacher working with two dim students, played by Cecily Strong and Mikey Day, Rockwell let the curse word slip. 

"You can't be this f--king...this stupid," he snapped, catching himself mid-sentence the second he realizes he let the F-word fly. Strong and Day played right along with it though, and the sketch continued without a hitch.

Below is the sketch with the swear word edited out.

Rockwell isn't the first person to let a curse word slide during SNL, but he is the first to do it since NBC began airing the show live across the country, which means for some viewers, the F-bomb happened in primetime. 

According to Variety, some people reported the profanity was bleeped out in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, where the show would have been airing in the 8-9 p.m. PT hour. 

The show is on a delay for the west coast, allowing for some profanity to be bleeped or removed. But some Twitter users caught the moment as it happened.

SNL's news segment, Weekend Update, also featured some profanity when anchor Colin Jost  said the word "sh*thole," in a segment about President Donald Trump's usage of the term for some foreign countries.

"During an oval office meeting, Trump attacked protections for immigrants from African countries which he called, S-holes," Jost began. "That's what NBC asked us to say by the way, S-hole. Even though the president can say 'sh*thole." 

"Oops," he added.

Check out the moment in the clip below.

There's no word yet on if there will be any fallout for Rockewell or Jost, but they're not alone when it comes to cursing in the show's 43-year history.

Last February, host Kristen Stewart accidentally let the F-word slip during her opening monologue, where she went a little off script. "We've got a good show and I totally care that I'm here because it's the coolest f**king thing ever," she declared before immediately catching herself and apologizing before the first commercial break.

Castmembers have also made the same mistake. In 2009, Jenny Slate said the F-word in a sketch during her first episode, and was ultimately let go at the end of the season. The most notorious incident happened in 1981, when cast member Charles Rocket said the F-word and was removed from the show. And in 1995, Cheri Oteri said "sh*t" during a sketch, but remained on the show until 2000.

For more on SNL, watch the video below!


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