Sandra Bullock on How Brad Pitt Came to Have a Cameo in 'The Lost City' (Exclusive)

ET spoke with Bullock at a special screening of the film in New York City on Monday.

The Lost City has a star-studded cast, and its cameos aren't too shabby either. ET's Rachel Smith spoke with Sandra Bullock at a special screening of the film in New York City on Monday, where she shared how Brad Pitt's part in the film came to be.

"I honestly don't know Brad that well, we just keep doing each other favors. And we don't really know each other," Bullock said of Pitt, who plays a CIA operative in the film.

The two are also starring in another action-adventure film together, Bullet Train, due out in July.

"We just keep-- I think we were probably past life friends or something," she went on to say of their work partnership turned friendship. "I just, for some reason, he asks for help, I show up. I ask for help, he shows up. Maybe [a] mutual respect club, I don't know."

Bullock stars in the film as Loretta Sage, a reclusive romance-adventure author who's spent her career writing about exotic places. Channing Tatum is the novels' cover model, Alan, who strives to embody the books' hero character, Dash, in real life.

While the pair is promoting Loretta's latest book, she's kidnapped by an eccentric billionaire (Daniel Radcliffe), who wants to find the treasure featured in her newest novel. Alan sets out to rescue the author, as they're both thrown into an epic jungle adventure.

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While the film certainly has a stacked cast, the real star of The Lost City, Bullock said, has to be the purple sequin-covered jumpsuit she wears throughout the film.

"She really is a star in this film," Bullock joked about the ensemble, before giving credit to costume designer Marlene Stewart for finding "the right material" to be gentle enough to wear during action sequences and that wouldn't fall apart in the jungle during production. 

The jumpsuit also had to be made with one particular scene in mind between Bullock and Tatum, in which his head ends up between her legs as they attempt to climb the side of a cliff.

"It didn't scratch Channing's face, which was very important," Bullock joked. "It had to do a lot of things, it had to be in a lot of places, and it was just epic."

The purple jumpsuit is not only functional, it sets this jungle adventure apart from its predecessors.

"Every jungle movie that I've seen, you know, the wardrobe is always sort of khaki, neutrals. You don't want to stand out," Bullock shared. "So, I love the fact that this was the exact opposite. It's just a great color. It screams, 'Look at me!'"

See Bullock and the rest of the film's epic cast when The Lost City hits theaters March 19.



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