Sarah Ferguson Says She and Princess Diana Got Arrested for Impersonating Police at a Party

The author opened up about some of the wild moments she shared with her late best friend.

Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson have gotten into some trouble! On Tuesday's episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, Fergie dished on the time she and Diana got arrested ahead of her 1986 wedding to Prince Andrew for impersonating police officers. 

The Duchess of York revealed that she and Diana were out for her bachelorette (Hen Party) and decided it would be clever to dress up as policewomen for the occasion. However, their night of trouble started with them getting kicked out of a bar. 

"We went into this nightclub," Ferguson tells Clarkson about their night out. "And the waiter came up to us and said, 'Excuse me, this is a members club and it's for fun and we don't serve police officers here.' Looking straight at us." 

Ferguson reveals that Diana kept in character, until she saw a woman wearing one of her dresses. 

"And we went out, and as we came out the stairs, a lady was getting out of a cab, and Diana said, 'She's got my dress on.' and I say, 'Dutch, no, no you can't say that, we're meant to be police officers.'" 

The duo continued with their evening as cops, until they found their way inside of a police van.

"We were then arrested," Fergie reveals. "We go in the back of the van, and she had put her engagement ring the other way, and I had put my engagement ring the other way. And we are sitting, like this ... and she just looked around and saw smoky bacon-flavored crisps and started taking them and eating them. And the policeman in the front goes, 'You can't do that,' and then eventually they realized that it was Diana and me." 

When asked by Clarkson to confirm the reason she and Diana were arrested, Ferguson reveals it was for impersonating the cops.

Fergie, who was married to Andrew until 1996, reflected on more of the trouble she got into with the late princess.

"She used to tell me the worst stories before I had to be serious," she shares. "So I'd got straight into dinner, because she had been there a few years before me, she used to run like a gazelle to get into the dining room quicker than me. I thought, 'That's a bit strange,' and when I got in, I realized why, 'cause she got the young people and I got all the old people." 

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Fergie shared that although she misses Diana, who died in a 1997 car accident, she still keeps her close. 

"Everyone always says to me, 'You must miss Dutch ... Diana,' and I go, No, because she's with me all day,'" she says. "Because she's the only one who, she and I, we laughed a lot, we got into trouble a lot."

Fergie has fond memories of other members of the royal family. The Most Intriguing Lady author recently spoke to ET about the "iconic legend" Queen Elizabeth II and how she is now moving through life, after her death.

"I am growing much more in my own voice now. I think also the queen dying has sort of liberated me a bit. My sense of purpose has always been, for 62 years, 63 years, to be very loyal and to uphold Her Majesty's values," she said. "She was more a mother to me than my own mother, really, and therefore now she's not there anymore, I feel as though maybe I can be free to be Sarah. I feel as though I'm liberated from my own mental shackles."