Sarah Hyland Is Open to Eloping With Wells Adams, But Says He's More of a 'Romantic'

Hyland and Adams got engaged in 2019.

Sarah Hyland recently appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and admitted that while she isn’t opposed to sneaking off and getting hitched, her fiancé Wells Adams is a little more romantic.

“Naturally we talked about all of the options since we had to cancel ours,” she told guest host Mario Lopez. 

“But I am totally fine with eloping. Either Vegas or going to the south of France just the two of us.” 

Hyland added about her future husband’s take, “But Wells is such a romantic and he wants everybody to be there,” she said. “Maybe that says he loves his family more than I do but I don’t know I think that hopefully this will be the year, but I don’t know.” 

“But we’re going to have the people that we love there, which is a lot of people, so we want everybody to be safe,” she added. When it comes to their guest list, Hyland’s on-screen and real-life parents are at the top.  

The 31-year-old actress shared that her family can’t get enough of Adams. “My parents, my whole family is obsessed with Wells,” she said. “He asked for both my parents blessing as well as Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell. He tracked them down and asked for theirs as well. He did both of my parents.” 

Hyland added that her mother, the person she has been watching the Bachelor franchise with since season one, believes she’s responsible for their connection.

“My mother, she told me, ‘Not to make your engagement or your marriage about me, but I manifested this for you. I was watching wells on Jojo's season of The Bachelor, and I said to your father, ‘If Sarah brings that man home, I would be happy. So, you’re welcome.’” 

According to Sarah, her romance with Wells was all her. “I think that I have been part of the Bachelor franchise longer than Wells,” she shared. "I essentially shopped for my future husband on television.”  

She added, “I saw him and was like, ‘Oh thank you.’” 

Hyland and Adams got engaged in 2019. The pair were all set to say “I do” during a ceremony in August 2020. But had to reconsider due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In September, Wells told ET why he and Hyland still want a big wedding despite the postponements. 

"We kind of set up this big wedding. Then, it got postponed. So then, we set it up again. Then, it got postponed," Adams said. "We're kind of so committed that we're like, 'Well, we got to have the big wedding.' And so, it's coming."

"We have a lot of rich friends. We want them to give us gifts," he quipped. "So, we're going to do it and hopefully it's not going to get postponed again. Fingers crossed."