'Saturday Night Live': Carey Mulligan Delivers Epic Dramatic Monologue in Fun New Promo -- Watch!

The Oscar-nominated actress joined Kenan Thompson and musical guest Kid Cudi in a promo for their upcoming episode.

Carey Mulligan is bringing her award-winning acting talents to Saturday Night Live. The Oscar-nominated thespian is hosting the sketch show for the first time this weekend, and is gearing up for a whole new kind of acting experience.

Mulligan joined musical guest Kid Cudi and castmember Kenan Thompson in a new promo, released Thursday.

In the teaser, Thompson -- who's been on the show for a record-smashing 18 seasons -- asks Mulligan, "Carey, your movies are pretty serious. Are you ready to loosen up with us?"

"Kenan, I'm ever so glad you asked," the Promising Young Woman star says, as dramatic music swells and the color of the promo transitions into a more dramatic muted shade of blue.

"We've all been through so much this year," Mulligan says, as if delivering an epic Shakespearean monologue. "But I must tell you, as God as my witness, I am ready to --  no! I'm kidding, I'm not like that."

Laughing, Kenan celebrates the fact that she doesn't take herself too seriously. Cudi, on the other hand, has to wipe a tear from his eye.

"That was riveting though," the artist says in a shaky voice.

In another short bit in the promo, after Mulligan makes the introductions, Thompson makes a joke about Kid Cudi's name, joking, "And I'm Adult Kenan."

"And this is Little Baby Angel Carey," he adds, as Mulligan lights up with glee.

"OK! Everyone has to call me that from now on," she declares.

"You got it, Little Baby Angel Carey," Cudi chimes in as she claps with joy.

Mulligan is the second English, Oscar-nominated SNL host in a row after Daniel Kaluuya helmed the show last week and kicked things off with a funny, confident monologue that set the tone for a great episode.

Check out the video below to see more highlights from this season of the celebrated sketch comedy series.

Saturday Night Live airs live, coast-to-coast at 11:30 p.m. ET, 8:30 p.m. PT on NBC.