'Saturday Night Live': Maya Rudolph's Beyonce Returns to 'Hot Ones' for Another Spicy Challenge

Maya Rudolph brought her country music Beyonce out for another shot at eating hot wings.

Maya Rudolph brought her Beyonce impression to Saturday Night Live once again. One of the night's highlight sketches saw the Cowboy Carter artist return to the set of Hot Ones for another shot at downing some spicy wings.

Joining host Sean Evans (played by Mikey Day), Rudolph's Beyonce -- decked out in her red white and blue leather country music ensemble -- explained why she returned to the show after her first time didn't go so well.

" Well, this was the only thing I have attempted that I did not slay. And that bothered both me and my husband," Beyonce explained. "My husband is Jay-Z."

" Oh, yeah. I know," Evans replied.

"Oh, OK. I assumed you didn't because you're the whitest man I have ever seen," she shot back. "Both your skin and the way you carry yourself."

The pair kick things off with a hot sauce called Satan's Taint, and it's not too bad. But the interview goes south with just the second wing. Beyonce begins speaking in tongues and explaining how her "bones are on fire."

"Where is my assistant DaRafael? Come here!" Beyonce calls out, as she is joined by her loyal assistant (played by Kenan Thompson). "I need you to go on Google and search, 'Is it possible to take someone's bones out they body, replace them with bones that aren't on fire?' Can you do that?"

After throwing milk in Evans' face and swearing repeatedly, Beyonce resorts to having her assistant squirt an obscene amount of cocoa butter lotion into her mouth -- all to no avail.

"It's not working! Why can't I slay this? Why is this janky hot wings show the one thing Beyonce cannot do?" Beyonce exclaims.

Eventually, DaRafael switches places with her and shuts the whole interview down with a Men In Black-style neuralyzer, and Rudolph's Beyonce is once again bested by spicy wings.

The episode marked Rudolph's third time as host, after serving as a cast member from 2000 to 2007.

ET spoke with Rudolph back in March, where she addressed her time on the show and some of her favorite memories -- to which she said, "I have too many."

"I feel like I didn't realize how young we were and I didn't realize how much we got to play together," she said of looking back at her time on the comedy series. "And that's the nicest thing about that network of people. There's so many wonderful people that I'm lucky to have in my life because of that show."

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