'Saturday Night Live's Cold Open Pushed People to The Edge With Headlines About Kanye West, Elon Musk and more

'So You Think You Won't Snap!' challenged just how much of a chaotic news cycle Americans could take.

Everyone has their breaking point, and the news cycle isn’t helping. Saturday Night Live challenged just how much people could handle before they are sent over the edge during Saturday’s cold open.  

Bowen Yang played host, Morgan Freegirl, who moderated the show, So You Think You Won’t Snap!, that challenged how far average people could go -- before a chaotic news headline sent them over the edge.   

“Have you noticed that everyone around you is angry and crazy? People are flipping out at Target. Stabbing is back and the only thing that can cheer us up is watching a sexy show about Jeffery Dahmer,” Freegirl said before meeting the contestants.  

Heather (played by Heidi Gardner) Kayla (Chloe Fineman), Dale (Keenan Thompson) and Henry (Devon Walker) all played “the only people in the world who haven’t snapped” and who had the chance to see what would send them exactly over the edge.  

Heather -- who was 15 years sober -- was driven to drink a “Today Show sized glass of wine” when she was finally sent to the edge, following a series of Joe Biden themed questions that ended with her watching a clip of him talking about his “mental focus” on 60 Minutes

Kayla hit a Frontier airline stewardess, not after a round of headlines surrounding Herschel Walker’s paternity scandal was read to her, but when she heard the voice of Chris Pratt’s Mario. 

Will Heath/NBC via Getty Images

All it took was Dale hearing Elon Musk’s name before he swept a series of items off the table in front of him and walked off the stage screaming “That man needs to shut his mouth. Rich dude talking about going to Mars, well take your a** to Mars then.” 

Finally, Henry burned his face with a hot iron after seeing the photo of Kanye West and Candace Owens wearing “White Lives Matter” T-shirts during Paris Fashion Week.  

The sketch kicked off a show hosted by actor and director, Brendon Gleeson with performances by Willow Smith.