'Saved by the Bell' Cast Has Touching Reunion During Night Out -- Pic

'Saved by the Bell'
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Take a look at the new sweet group pic!

It's time for a Bayside High class reunion!

On Saturday night, fans of Saved by the Bell were driven into a frenzy when four of the show's original cast members shared heartwarming images from their night out together in LA. Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, Elizabeth Berkley and Mario Lopez all converged on Petit Trois, a French bistro in the San Fernando Valley, to catch up together.

"This is what 30+ years of friendship looks like...," Gosselaar, who played the charming rebel Zach Morris on the classic sitcom, wrote on Instagram. "FRIENDS FOREVER," Berkley captioned the image, as did Thiessen.

"Okay, fun dinner tonight with some old friends," Lopez explains in a clip from the dinner table, later adding, "We ate an obscene amount of food. An obscene amount of food. The Lopezs are walking home… Great group right here. Now it's time to play credit card roulette for the bill!" 

By Lopez's side was his wife, Courtney Lopez. Likewise, Berkley's husband Greg Lauren, Gosselaar's wife Catriona McGinn and Thiessen's husband Brady Smith were all on hand for the nostalgia-filled night.

Notably absent from the gathering were co-stars Dustin Diamond and Lark Voorhies, who played Screech and Lisa Turtle on the hit show, respectively.

The series, which aired from 1989 to 1993, centered around a group of high school friends as they dealt with a series of comedic situations while also addressing issues facing teens, such as breakups and addiction.

This sweet reunion arrives just months after Gosselaar revealed that, although it was common knowledge that he dated Voorhies during the SBTB's production, he also dated Berkley at another point. This revelation was shared during the 45-year-old actor's visit to Anna Faris' Unqualified podcast. 

"We dated. If you want to call it dating, sure," he said of Berkley in January. "You're in an environment, you know how it is when you're working on a set, and we were young, I mean we were young. There's no one around really. I mean, you work and live in a bubble." 

"You're in L.A., right. You're in your cars and you come to set and you do your work and you're with these beautiful women and then you go back in your car," he continued. "You're not going to school, so you don't have a lot of choices. People say, 'Well didn't you go out?' Not really."

During the chat, he also admitted that, for a long while, he had no idea he was a teen idol.

"No social media. The only barometer was whether or not you were on Teen Beat, on the cover. If you weren't on the cover you weren't sh*t," he explained. "And the other one was if you went to a mall signing and depending on and depending on the crowd size. So you go to The Mall of America and you do a crowd signing, if 2,500 people show up you're like, 'Oh, I'm pretty hot sh*t.' But that's pretty much it. Or people come to the show, it's taped in front of a live audience."

"There was really no way to gauge how big you were," he added.