'Saved by the Bell' Sneak Peek: Zack Morris' Son Mac Introduces the Newbies to Bayside High (Exclusive)

Time out! The new class kills time at the iconic hangout spot, The Max, in ET's exclusive clip.

Time out! The new class at Bayside High is ready for the school year.

The latest Saved by the Bell crew takes over the hallways of Bayside on Wednesday, but before the episodes drop on Peacock, only ET has an exclusive sneak peek from the anticipated reimagining's very first episode featuring the local hangout, The Max.

A satirical take on the beloved '90s comedy, the upcoming series kicks off when California Gov. Zack Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) finds himself in hot water for closing too many underfunded high schools. As a compromise, he proposes they send the affected students to the most well-funded schools in the state -- including Bayside High. The influx of new students gives the privileged Bayside kids, who never have a problem that can't be solved in 22 minutes, a much-needed dose of reality. 

In the clip, Zack's teenage son, Mac (Mitchell Hoog), charms his way into new girl Daisy's (Haskiri Velazquez) orbit and brings the newbie into his inner circle when he brings her to The Max. Moments after they step foot inside the modernized diner, Daisy is a tad confused when she spots her friends, Aisha (Alycia Pascual-Peña) and Devante (Dexter Darden), chillin' with rich kids Jessie Spano's son, Jamie (Belmont Cameli), and Lexi (Josie Totah).

"Lexi's my buddy and she thought it might be nice for us to get to know each other," Devante says. "And I thought it would be nice for her to give me $50."

Turns out, Lexi's sort of an amateur reality TV star, as she reveals to Daisy, Aisha and Devante her hip "day in the life" docuseries, Becoming Lexi: I Am Me. 

"It's about Lexi's life being transgender, her journey to self-discovery and the hot friends who support her," Mac says, fist-bumping Jamie, who proudly reveals his big moment of reality fame: "I score the losing touchdown!"

When Aisha, who's maybe smitten by Jamie's jock ways, flirtatiously admits she didn't know he was a football jock, Daisy puts a pin on their "flirtmance" (for now). 

Mario Lopez returns to the new Saved by the Bell as A.C. Slater and is joined by Elizabeth Berkley Lauren as Jessie Spano and Tiffani Thiessen as Kelly Kapowski. Lark Voorhies is also back as Lisa Turtle, as well as Patrick Thomas O'Brien, who reprises his role as Mr. Dewey. 

Executive producer and showrunner Tracey Wigfield (30 Rock) recently hinted at the nods to the original series that are sprinkled throughout the 10 episodes.

"That was one of the most fun things about this, really looking at spots where you could be like, 'Oh, I like that we can get the exact guitar that Zack had when he was in 'Zack Attack.' I bet we can find it and we can put Slater's wrestling singlet up on his wall and it's always there or their diplomas -- the things everyone won't even notice. Or the song that's playing at The Max is the song that Zack put subliminal messages in," Wigfield told ET. "It was really fun for me to have this extra job that I haven't had on other shows to find ways to leave those things in. Obviously Franco [Bario, who was a producer on the original series,] was incredibly helpful with that because sometimes I'd be like, 'I need a prop,' and he'd be like, 'It's in my attic!'"

Saved by the Bell drops Wednesday, Nov. 25 on Peacock. For more on the series, watch the video below.

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