Saweetie Speaks Out on Quavo Cheating Rumors

Saweetie and Quavo
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Rumors sparked on Thursday that Quavo was having an affair with Reginae Carter.

Saweetie isn't here for recent rumors about Quavo cheating on her. The 26-year-old rapper took to Twitter on Saturday to slam online chatter about Quavo and Reginae Carter. 

"Quit spreading that fake news before y’all get Quavo a** in trouble cuz I don’t play that sh*t," Saweetie tweeted, after Quavo himself denied the rumors. 

The buzz first started on during Gucci Mane and Jeezy’s Verzuz on Thursday night, when comedian Gerald Huston asked Quavo in the Instagram Live comments, "U still f**king colormenae?"

"Internet Crazy Man," Quavo wrote about the speculation in a since-deleted tweet. "Not Weezy Daughter No!" 

In a recent interview with ET, Saweetie opened up about her nearly 3-year romance with Quavo, and proving their haters wrong. 

"In the beginning, there was a lot of false narratives that kind of surrounded our love," she said of rumors the pair was together for publicity. 

"I think, because we're not so transparent and we don't share everything, it's easy for people to put a narrative or a story behind something," she said. "And then other people run with it because they don't understand. And when they don't understand, you try to make yourself understand, and that's when all these rumors started circulating."

Years later, Saweetie and Quavo are still going strong -- and have turned their skeptics into fans. 

"With anything, when you falsely judge something and then you figure out it's better than what you expected, I feel like it creates some sort of like connection to it," Saweetie shared, adding, "We share what we share but it's very low-key."

See more in the video below.