'Scandal' Cast Awards Final Season Superlatives & Reveals What They're Stealing From Set! (Exclusive)

The cast also teased their thoughts on how the show will end after seven seasons.

Scandal may be ending, but Olivia Pope will never go out of style!

ET's Nischelle Turner dropped by the Scandal set last month, where she caught up with Kerry Washington to ask her the question all fans want to know: what is she going to take when filming wraps? 

"Have you seen Olivia's closet?" Washington asked. "I'm gonna take a few things!" 

"Coats, bags, and the watches are all Movado, which is through my relationship, but I don't own them," she confessed. "So we might have to figure that out."

While Washington was happy to dish all things Olivia Pope, how Scandal will end is another story. 

"The best thing about being on the show is being surprised," Tony Goldwyn teased, while Scott Foley offered to write in his own ending. 

"I selfishly would love to go shoot another scene on the island," he shared. 

Guillermo Diaz suggested a much darker alternative. 

"I want Olivia to drown Huck," he said, prompting his co-stars to question his choice. "Unless they're going to make a Scandal movie, then I want to live." 

While the cast doesn't have it all figured out, they trust creator Shonda Rhimes to give fans the proper ending they deserve. 

"I think Shonda knows what's right for the show and she knows that we're at a place where it's time to walk away. She's giving it her all to make sure that this last season is everything it can be," Washington said. "And that's all we can ask."

"I will most miss Olivia, having her in my life and all the things that she's taught me," she continued. "But I'm gonna miss the people, not just the cast but our entire crew, our writers. I really love being able to work these people." 

The final season of Scandal airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. 

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