'Scandal': A Proper Fitz and Olivia Reunion Finally Happened -- But Who's Threatening to Mess It All Up?


Warning: Spoiler alert! Do not proceed if you haven't watched Thursday's episode of Scandal.

Fitz and Olivia together again -- finally!

Love was in the air on Thursday's episode of Scandal, and it was hot, hot, hot!

We had not one, not two, but three love connections. Here's what you need to know:

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Cyrus and Fenton

This is one we did not see coming, but I guess that $100 million Cezanne painting Fenton graciously gifted Cyrus was more than just an apology. Cyrus showed up at Fenton's doorstep insisting that he couldn't accept the gift (because technically it's against the law for politicians to accept bribes -- who knew?!), but ended up staying for a little virtual reality fun... and a sensual request. 

"You teaching me about politics, and me getting under your skin? I think we could learn a lot from each other," Fenton proposed, stroking Cyrus gently before he awkwardly left the room... only to return to Fenton's apartment later in the episode. It's on!

Mellie and President Rashad

This pairing can get a little complicated. Scandal has seemed to be setting this one in motion since the season started, but the potential costs have certainly been raised. "I have feelings for him, President Rashad. He means something to me," Mellie told Olivia, asking her to give him safe haven in the US while his country is in turmoil. "This time, I want it to be my call. Just one time." 

Yes, Mellie and Rashad are both presidents, but as Olivia pointed out, she is the leader of the free world, he is not, and things can get sticky real fast. 

Now, for the one we've all been waiting for.... 

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Olivia and Fitz

We saw Olivia asking Fitz why he decided to blow off his Vermont plans for D.C. in last week's promo, but what we didn't see was Fitz's real response. 

"I'm not going anywhere... because you are here! Because I love you!" he finally confessed in Olivia's apartment. "You are right here where you need to be. You are running the world. I ran the world too." 

"I was better with you. You were better with me. I know you know that. Olivia, tell me you know that," he pleaded, before Olivia gave him a big, fat, steamy kiss.

We had barely started celebrating the return of Olitz, however, when Jake entered to deliver a big bombshell (which we already knew): Papa Pope's pleads for Fitz to get Olivia out of B613 was the real reason he was so inspired to come back to D.C. -- and Olivia is not happy. 

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