'Scandal' Stars Claim They Don't Know How the Show Will End

Scandal cast Ellen
ABC/The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Even Olivia Pope is in the dark about the Scandal series finale. 

The cast of the beloved ABC drama -- Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn, Scott Foley, and Bellamy Young -- appear on Wednesday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and admit that they've yet to shoot the last episode.

The stars of the show tell DeGeneres that they are scheduled to do a table read on Friday, and therefore do not know the fate of Olivia Pope (Washington), Fitzgerald Grant (Goldwyn), Jake Ballard (Foley) or President Mellie Grant (Young).  

"We know enough to know that if we feel like this episode is leading us down a path, then the rug is going to get ripped out from under us," Washington explains. "It's terrifying."

As for whether they think one of them could get killed off, Young proclaims, "We all have to live! We're just pushing Scandal the movie. We just have to live to that."

Goldwyn quips of their characters, "We should all be killed off because we've all done horrible, horrible things."

Washington chimes in, "That would be the only just ending of the show."

Getting to the tough questions, DeGeneres asks Washington, "Who are you going to miss doing the love scenes with the most, [Tony or Scott]?"

Dodging the inquiry, Scandal's leading lady jokes, "I think when it comes to love scenes, I'm going to miss Bellamy Young the most. Spoiler! Is that a spoiler?"

Washington adds, "I'm not going to miss them in that way. I'm going to miss them in a lot of other ways."

 In an exclusive interview with ET, Washington opened up about if she thinks viewers will be pleased with the finale. 

"I don't know!" she exclaimed. "I hope I'm happy. This is what I can guarantee you, [creator] Shonda Rhimes will be happy and satisfied and fulfilled. As for the rest of us, good luck."


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