Scott Wolf Shares What He Would Want From a 'Party of Five' Reboot (Exclusive)

The actor told ET he'd 'never say never' about bringing the show back.

Scott Wolf isn't shutting down a potential Party of Five reboot. ET's Rachel Smith spoke with the 53-year-old actor about his new flick, Rescued by Ruby, as well as the possibility of rebooting the beloved '90s series that went off the air in 2000.

"I always said I don't think so, because, at the time, we told the story and we set the story down, but those are characters," Wolf told ET. "The one thing I think all of us feel is it'd be so good to know what those people are up to now, what life looks like to them now... Never say never."

Wolf's openness to reboot potential came shortly after he reunited with Neve Campbell and Lacey Chabert, his Party of Five co-stars, at 90s Con.

"It was awesome. It was incredible," Wolf gushed. "... That whole group is like a second family. We were together for a long time making that show... They're just the greatest people. They're sisters to me and friends. I just love them both so much."

"We hadn't had a chance to do anything like that together that kind of centered around Party of Five in over 20 years," he continued. "... There hasn't been an occasion to really do it since." 

As the actors were "reminiscing" over their time on the series, they marveled at the lasting impact the show has on people, more than two decades after its premiere.

"One of the incredible things about that show was you hope to be part of things that mean something to people, and so when fans of that show come up, there's this emotion in them and connection to the show as if it just aired last Monday night," Wolf said. "It's been all this time, so to be part of something that has that kind of powerful emotional connection with people is huge. We're still grateful for it."

The continued popularity of the show has made Wolf and his wife, Kelley Limp, consider showing it to their three kids, Lucy, 7, Miller, 9, and Jackson, 12.

"We had a conversation of, should we watch it with the kids?" Limp told ET. "... I wonder how they would receive that."

The actor and his wife, the author of Finding Love Over Worry, remain more in love than ever, after initially meeting via a blind date and tying the knot in 2004.

"I knew I wanted to find my person, I wanted to be married, I wanted to eventually have a family, but it's hard to know exactly what it is that you're looking for sometimes," Wolf said. "... She has given me a life beyond my wildest dreams... She's too much of a force of life and she's too much love and kindness for me to have planned."

"I'm quite the fan of him too," Limp gushed in turn.

Professionally, Wolf is excitedly promoting his latest film, Rescued by Ruby, which tells the true story of a state trooper who partnered with a fellow underdog to fulfill his dream of joining an elite K-9 unit.

"Who doesn't love a good dog movie? The minute I heard it's a story about a guy and his dog I was interested, but then it's sort of more than your average dog movie," Wolf told ET. "... I knew, being a movie that was centered around dogs, that it would grab my heart, but the idea that it was this true story, this remarkable story, of these two underdogs who couldn't figure themselves out alone, and together they brought the best out in each other and became everything they were meant to be."

In the flick, Wolf stars as Matt Zarrella, who created the elite K-9 training for the Rhode Island State Police, a character unlike any other he's ever played.

"I was playing this real-life person who's incredibly accomplished, whose work I have huge admiration for, so wanted to do it justice, wanted to do him justice. Hopefully he feels like I did," Wolf said. "... I've never really played a character like that before, so it was great fun to tap into that side of myself."

Rescued by Ruby premieres March 17 on Netflix.