Sean and Catherine Lowe Have a Timeline for Adoption While Pregnant With Baby No. 2 (Exclusive)

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Sean and Catherine Lowe are a team. That's why when ET spoke to the Bachelor alumni via phone and Catherine was sick with the flu (and pregnant!), Sean was planning to whip up dinner for their family. "She's been on the couch for the past 48 hours trying to get over this thing," he said.

Luckily, Catherine's second pregnancy, which she announced in early November, has been relatively easy so far.

"It’s really been the same [as when I was pregnant with our first son]," she said. "I didn’t have cravings with Samuel and now I don’t have cravings or any aversions, so it’s really as if I’m not pregnant, and I know other pregnant people hate to hear that! I didn’t have morning sickness either. I guess I’m just meant to be a pregnant person.”


Sean planned to make a family favorite, pasta with lean ground meat and Bertolli's Rustic Cut pasta sauce with veggies. "A lot of times we have to stop and remind ourselves that she’s pregnant," he said of Catherine. "We’ll be making plans like, 'Oh, what if we went there in July? No, we’re going to have a two-month-old in July!'"


The second pregnancy meant the two had to bow out of any involvement with the Bachelor franchise's latest installment: Winter Games. They were asked to be grand marshals at a parade for the show, but the two are happy to be spending their days home together with Samuel, who's 18 months old and blissfully unaware that he'll be a big brother next year.


"We just started discussions on creating a ‘big boy’ room for him and then using his nursery for the new baby," Sean said. "He does not have a clue [that a baby's coming]! His world is going to be rocked ... [but] we are so blessed that Samuel is the most loving little boy in the world ...he’ll just lay and cuddle with us, and he does that with everybody."


Plus, Samuel will seemingly be the oldest of several! The pair has always planned to adopt, and the time could come pretty quickly! "We haven’t begun the process or connected with any social workers here domestically yet, but it’s something we’re going to do and I imagine we’ll probably start those conversations relatively soon," Sean said. "Maybe the next year or so."


As for baby no. 2, the two have already narrowed possible names down to a list of five or six. They're both male and female names, as they don't plan to find out the gender before Catherine gives birth. But Sean does have a prediction: "I'm thinking [it's a] boy ... I do just have this gut feeling!"


The Lowes do know this baby will come via a scheduled C-section at doctor's recommendation, after Catherine had an emergency C-section with Samuel. Until then, it's the holidays! The trio is busy with family get-togethers, and will of course be watching Sean's pal, Arie Luyendyk Jr., when his new season of The Bachelor premieres Jan. 1 on ABC.


Where Sean and Catherine live, Dallas, has actually become a bit of a Bachelor Nation hub. Fellow couples Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo and Jordan Rodgers and JoJo Fletcher live there. The Lowes haven't met Rachel and Bryan yet, and while Sean is friendly with Jordan, they haven't gone to any couples' dinners.


"I think we're just in different stages of life," Sean said. "I really like Jordan, we just don’t hang out as much as we should because we’re the old married couple of the Bachelor crew now! We go to bed at nine and watch TV at home on Friday nights."


In that vein, the pair plan to spend a quiet night together celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary in January. "Being pregnant really throws wrenches into celebrating," Catherine said with a laugh. "But Sean and I are so content being at home with Samuel. We get to spend every waking moment together as a family and that's our happy place. We'll [probably] do a short, early dinner. We just have such a great life and don't need to do anything extravagant."


Lowe recently posted a throwback to their days on the show, when Catherine predicted where they'd be in five years, and her predictions came true!



We asked him to make a prediction for five years from now.


"Oh, that's fun! I bet we have four kids and still living our normal, simple, beautiful lives here in Dallas," he said.


Samuel had woken up, and Catherine had gone to get him, but she heard his answer. From the background, she yelled, "And we're happy!"


Sean, of course, agreed: "And we're happy!"




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