See Drake's Son's Adorable Reaction While Watching NBA Highlights of LeBron James

Drake's son, Adonis, is in just as much shock and awe as the rest of us while watching NBA highlights of LeBron James.

Drake's son, Adonis, is just like the rest of us who are in shock and awe of NBA champion LeBron James' talents on the court. The "What's Next" rapper took to Instagram early Tuesday to share a video of the toddler glued to the screen as he watched the basketball star's NBA highlights.

"Oh my god," a wide-eyed Adonis shouts before looking up at his dad in disbelief. Drake can be heard chuckling at his son's epic reaction.

Several celebrities and fans reacted to the adorable video, including James himself who wrote, "Nephew 🔒 the hell in!! Yessir!!." Rapper Vince Staples also commented, jokingly encouraging Adonis to check out his moves on the court. "Wait till he see my clips from church league. Defensive presence," Staples wrote.

After posting the three-year-old's adorable reaction to James' NBA highlights, Drake took to his Instagram Stories to share a video of Adonis shooting around on his home court.

The proud dad has posted several clips of Adonis playing basketball, including a clip of his little boy sinking buckets with ease on an indoor kid-hoop.

In the clip posted just last month, the toddler is seen shooting hoops with a colorful ball while Drake's song "What's Next" plays in the background. After making his first shot, Adonis holds up two fingers before scoring another basket.

That same day, the rapper shared more of the budding basketball star's skills on the court, recording his son making buckets on a more advanced hoop.

The little one stayed persistent, missing just two shots of the seven he took, celebrating the accomplishment by letting out a giant roar.

Drake shares Adonis with Sophie Brussaux. Adonis was born in October 2017, but the rapper did not go public about his son's birth immediately. In May 2018 Pusha T released "The Story of Adidon," a diss track that suggested Drake may have fathered a child. Drake responded by confirming the long-rumored news on his own album, Scorpion, that June.