Selena Gomez Gives a Tour of Her Kitchen as 'Selena + Chef' Is Renewed for Season 2

Selena Gomez in 'Selena + Chef'

The actress is getting back in the kitchen!

Selena Gomez is getting back in the kitchen -- but first, she's giving fans a little tour. The 28-year-old actress's at-home cooking show, Selena + Chef, has been renewed for a second season, HBO Max announced Thursday. 

In celebration of the news, Gomez took viewers around the show's set -- her beautiful kitchen. The tour began with what might just excite Gomez the most: the pasta shelves on her island. "This is the pasta area, which I was so excited to have because I am obsessed with pasta, and we did the little pink shelves in it," she said. 

Next, Gomez pivoted to her coffee and tea station and collection of cook books from chefs she's collaborated with on Selena + Chef. "These became a huge staple," she said, pointing to her knives. "Apparently this was a big moment on the show." 

Her crisp, clean white plates and multicolored spoons were featured next, before Gomez opened up her kitchen. The former Disney star's fully stocked pantry is the real highlight. "I'll show you how a true Texan has a pantry," she teased. "Basically my Nana loves to have her pantries ready for the apocalypse, and that's always been a tradition, so we have everything from flour to baking supplies. We have chips, of course. Look, I eat healthy, but I also have snacks!" 

The tour concluded with a shot of a chalkboard in the kitchen, which originally read, "All you need is love." "I have a 7-year-old sister, so now it says, 'All you need is Gracie,'" Gomez quipped, pointing out her sister's handwriting. 

Watch the tour below. 

Season 1 of Selena + Chef is available to stream on HBO Max. In season 2, Gomez will continue her cooking adventures at home with a new roster of all-star chefs who will help her whip up delicious dishes. Like in its first season, each chef will highlight a different charity each episode.

"Learning from some of the best chefs in the world has vastly improved my cooking skills, but I have a lot more to learn. I am looking forward to challenging myself in the kitchen on the next season," Gomez said in a statement.

See more in the video below.