Selena Gomez's HBO Max Series 'Selena + Chef' Renewed for Season 4

The fourth season of the HBO Max cooking series is slated to premiere on the streamer next year.

Selena Gomez's HBO Max cooking show, Selena + Chef has been renewed for a fourth season. Premiering in 2022, the next installment of the series will see Gomez and her friends and family head to the beach. Season 4 will take place at a beach house, where Gomez will continue to learn to cook delicious dishes, with the help of some all-star chefs. 

Like in its first three seasons, each chef will highlight a different charity each episode. To date, the series has raised $400,000 for 26 nonprofit organizations.

Gomez shared her excitement at the series' renewal in a statement provided by the streamer, highlighting the money the show has been able to raise for charity.

"I am looking forward to another season of being in the kitchen with some of the world’s best chefs," Gomez said. "Hopefully, my skills have improved. More importantly, we’ve been able to raise money for incredible charitable organizations."

"We are thrilled to continue this delicious series for season four and even more excited to take it to a new setting," Jennifer O’Connell, Executive Vice President of Non-Fiction and Live-Action Family at HBO Max added. "The beach vibes will absolutely take it to the next level and we can’t wait to see what recipes Selena and the chefs cook up next!"

Over the course of the series, Gomez has grown her talents in the kitchen after working with acclaimed culinary artists including Angelo Sosa, Antonia Lofaso, Candice Kumai, Daniel Holzman, Jon & Vinny, Ludo Lefebvre, Nancy Silverton, Nyesha Arrington, Roy Choi, and Tanya Holland, among many others.

The final four episodes of season 3 debut Nov. 11 and feature chefs Jamie Oliver, Sophia Roe, Esther Choi and Gabe Kennedy.

Seasons 1, 2 and the first half of Season 3 of Selena + Chef are available to stream now, on HBO Max, for those who want to improve their cooking skills alongside the celebrated singer.