Selena Gomez's Perfect Pilates Workout: Three Moves You Need to Know to Sculpt a Juicy Booty (Exclusive)

How does Selena Gomez maintain her toned and lean physique? Hot Pilates! ET spent a day with Gomez’s trainer, Shannon Nadj, to learn exactly what she does to sculpt her flawless bod.

Selena Gomez usually keeps her “hands to herself,” and occasionally goes “running with the wolves,” but when it comes to her smokin’ hot bod, she ultimately just wants to look “good for you!”

The 25-year-old singer is always ready to "come and get it," and by, “it,” we mean an insanely challenging workout that sculpts her long and lean limbs. How? By cranking up the temperature with Shannon Nadj, celebrity-fitness instructor and owner of Hot Pilates, a boutique studio in the heart of West Hollywood that features classes in a 95 degree heated room. 

Shannon, who’s also worked with clients like Emma Roberts, Shay Mitchell and Lea Michele, was kind enough to invite ET into her sleek and chic Pilates facility to learn about her unique classes and why they’ve become Selena’s preferred method of training. 

“She loves the heat, she loves to sweat,” Shannon dished. “[Selena] loves to work hard, so the intensity of the heat just creates such an amazing feeling and it just really works your body. It sculpts your body quickly, you see those results really fast and you feel long and lean.”

The duo started working out together three years ago after being introduced through one of Shannon’s clients. After a few private sessions at Selena’s home, the "Wolves" singer started coming to Shannon’s studio and seemingly hasn’t looked back since.

When Selena shows up to class, Shannon says “she's super chill,” but make no mistake, “She works hard, no one works harder than this girl. When she works out, this girl is focused. The dedication is there.”

The “Bad Liar” singer’s favorite body part to tone? “Abs are definitely a priority to [Selena], and everyone wants a nice little juicy booty. I'm known as a bootyologist over here in LA, the natural way, so booty and abs,” Shannon said, laughing. “We never leave a body part at home. What I love about Pilates is you’re working every muscle with balance and control, so every little muscle of your body gets worked… But lately, with [Selena, it’s] flexibility and strength. The vanity of it comes afterwards, but it’s really that mind-body connection, that strength, the flexibility is her main goal when she works out.”

It seems Selena loves the Hot Pilates workout so much, she’s spreading the gospel to her inner circle. Not only has she taken classes with her girlfriends, but she’s also taken private lessons led by Shannon with her on-and-off boyfriend, Justin Bieber. The pair was photographed leaving a sweat sesh together in January.


“One thing that I definitely would say, they both workout very hard. He’s so supportive of her,” Shannon gushed. “Lots of abs, they love their abs workouts, lots of stretching, lots of sweating!” 


Now, it’s time to work on our “strength, flexibility and control” as we get our Selena Gomez bods poppin’ just in time for summer. Try doing the below three exercises that Shannon does with Selena, to create toned arms, a strong core and a juicy booty!



Start in a wide stance -- as wide as you can. Point your toes out and immediately start connecting to your core. Bend your knees, bringing your tailbone straight down, and squeeze your inner thighs to come up. Pulse up and down to feel the burn!

For variety, in the same squat position, try lifting your heels up. Pulse down to build a strong foundation in your feet, while also toning your inner thighs, glutes and stomach.

Shannon’s tip: Make sure you keep your butt tucked under with a straight spine. Shannon likes to remind her clients that booty popping is best saved for the club!



Grab light weights you’re comfortable with (we used 3 lbs. in each hand). Roll your shoulders back and get into a deep lunge position. Use your core lift up and squeeze your butt on the way down. 

For variety, let’s add some abs and arms. From your lunge, stand tall as you raise one leg up and simultaneously bicep curl both arms. Finish by going back to your original lunge position.

Shannon’s tip: Pick one Pilates principle to focus on (shoulders back, lengthen the back of your neck, keep your tailbone long, keep your stomach in).



Grab a yoga mat or something comfortable to lay down on. On your side, extend your legs and arms all the way out. Cradle your head with one arm, and place the other hand on the floor for stability. Rotate your outside leg so you’re working internally from the glutes (not your quads). Point your toe as your raise your leg up high, and flex and extend the leg on the way down.

For variety, point your toe and draw small circles with your leg. Keep your pelvis stable, abs tight, and engage your glutes. Reverse the direction of the circles.

Shannon’s tip: Get in the habit of rooting every exercise in your core. Always keep those abs tight and engaged!


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