'Selling Sunset' Season 4? One Cast Member Is Probably Leaving and More Info From the Cast! (Exclusive)

The stars of Netflix's hit show 'Selling Sunset' fill ET in on what they hope to see from a fourth season.

The problem with bingeable shows is you just want another season immediately. Thankfully, Netflix pretty much delivered on that by dropping seasons 2 and 3 of Selling Sunset within just a couple months of each other (mostly because the seasons were filmed back to back). But now that season 3 is out, what about season 4?

Despite a recent gathering of cast members for a party to celebrate Mary Fitzgerald and Chrishell Stause's birthdays, as well as Heather Rae Young's engagement -- which looked like a scene straight out of the show on social media -- the cast has yet to start filming a fourth season (and Netflix has yet to officially pick one up). But the agents of the Oppenheim Group are anxious to get back in front of reality cameras and capture the next chapter of their lives, even if it means a full yearlong gap between filming due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Season 3 wrapped at Christine Quinn's wedding in December, and the cast is curious to see if the extended break will help or hurt the show’s momentum.

"I think it's going to be really interesting, because if we do shoot, it's not going to be until next year," Christine teases ET. "I hear that production is pushing everything until late December, if not next year. So, I feel like this year will be good because it's giving everyone a chance to cool off and, like, heal the wounds that have been going on since season 3. So going into season 4, I think it's going to be really interesting. And also the dynamics are going to be changing. You know Davina [Potratz] is a broker, Brett [Oppenheim] has left the brokerage and started his own firm. I mean, there's a lot of chess pieces waiting to be moved across the board, so I think it's going to be the most interesting season we ever will have, if it happens."

Yes, Brett -- one half of the Oppenheim twins -- has started his own brokerage, the similarly named Oppenheim Real Estate, leaving just his brother, Jason, in charge of the flagship agency. While most of the show’s realtors say the Oppenheim Group is their home, Davina admits she’s toying with the idea of leaving, either starting her own brokerage or joining Brett’s new one. It seems a fourth season could turn into a battle of the brokerages.

Lindy Lin / @simplybeautiful.photography / Netflix

Another agent considering leaving the O Group is Maya Vander, who relocated to Miami full time amid the coronavirus pandemic. While she previously split time between the coasts, she tells ET she’s now pretty much a permanent resident of Florida, which likely means she won't return to Selling Sunset, at least not as a full-time cast member.

"My goal is to stay in Miami unless I have a client that's worth me to fly for a day or two to do showings and stuff like that," she shares. "I'm trying to just stay put in Miami, that's the goal."

Maya's co-stars say they would be sad to see her go, as she is one of the "OGs" of not only the show but of the brokerage. In season 3, Maya brings up the idea of a Miami-based outpost of the Oppenheim Group, but no moves have been made on that. If Jason does come through, though, Maya has her fingers crossed for a spin-off: Selling South Beach.

"I think Miami has the sexiness and the luxury," she notes. "You know L.A. shows very well and I think Miami can show well, as well. But opening a brokerage, it's not an easy thing to do. ... It takes more than just, 'let’s open an office.' It's a huge investment. I am studying for my brokerage license, so if I'm with Jason or another company or my own thing here, we'll see. Selling South Beach would be a cool idea, and I have the girls already -- cute, little real estate agency -- but I don't know if they can provide drama as much as our show does."


Drama has taken over Selling Sunset, with season 3 focusing way more on the agents' personal lives than their work. Many of the cast members -- Maya, Mary and Davina -- say they would like to see season 4 return to the season 1 vibe of being about the homes they’re selling. The stars say they've shot hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of unused real estate material.

"If these girls want less drama, then stop, stop being so dramatic!" Heather says. "It's just, it's us, like, there's gonna be fights. We're together all the time and we're like a family and we're like sisters and, yeah, I think all of us wanna get back on track, just being like, good friends, having fun together and not so much s**t-talking."

Season 3 saw the agents of the Oppenheim Group really fall into two camps: Chrishell, Mary and Amanza Smith were one clique, while Christine, Davina, Maya and Heather formed another. But between seasons, Heather says alliances have shifted, which will change the dynamic going into season 4.

“I’ve shifted,” she reveals. “I’m on that other side. … There's always ups and downs, you know? With [Christine], like, we went from not being friends and then building a friendship. I saw a different, deeper side to Christine and we spent some one-on-one time. I'll always love her, she is a friend of mine, but you know, there's sometimes I talk to her more and sometimes I talk to her less.”

For Christine and Davina's part, they would like to get to know Chrishell better, so they could at least understand what she's going through in the wake of her split from Justin Hartley. Season 3 saw the so-called villains poking fun at Chrishell’s divorce, with Davina saying it doesn’t even feel like Chrishell wants her co-stars to be there for her.

"She's hard to crack," Christine says of her onscreen foe. "All the other girls are very open, we talk about everything with each other, she's kinda the only one that doesn't really give it, doesn't really give things."

"We don't know anything about her -- none of these girls know anything about her," she claims. "She's always just kept to herself, and that's fine -- but we want to be supportive of her … but I feel like she never got the chance to know any of us, maybe Mary a little bit, but none of the other girls, and it's unfortunate because we all want to get to know her and we tried, and I tried to amend that so many times, and she just shut it down, shut it down and shut it down."

Christine says she's not entirely sure why Chrishell doesn’t like her. She's been blocked by Chrishell on social media since shooting season 1, even though they seemed to iron things out on the show. For what it's worth, Chrishell has voiced her concerns about Christine and other co-stars speaking about her and her divorce in the press.

"Listen, when we're filming a TV show, you have the option to choose what you want to talk about and what you don't want to talk about in terms of story lines, you bring in your own story lines and we run with it," Christine says. "So, that was something she chose to talk about, and when you're doing that on a reality show, you're open to commentary. You have to understand that, and it's our job to give commentary -- and I will emphasize, it's our job -- so we have to say certain things."

Christine, who was disappointed to see her wedding fall into the background of the season 3 finale as Chrishell's drama took center stage, hopes more sides of her personality and personal life can be documented on season 4. She and her husband, Christian Richard, are currently redoing their Hollywood home and thinking about starting a family.

Heather's personal life will also likely pull focus in season 4, as she is now engaged to HGTV star Tarek El Moussa. A camera crew for Tarek's show Flipping 101 documented the proposal, but Heather teases that Netflix is working on a deal to secure the footage for Selling Sunset! She also says Tarek, who is exclusive to HGTV, may have worked out a deal to appear on season 4.

"I'm so happy!" she gushes, noting how it’s been hard to share that part of her life on Selling Sunset without Tarek making appearances. It's why she talks about him so much.

"So much of my life is Tarek," she says. "He can't be on the show with me, so all I can do is talk about him, right? And talk about our moments and talk about how much fun we have and everything going on, but yeah, there might have been a deal made!"

All three seasons of Selling Sunset are now streaming on Netflix. To see the cast's answers to burning questions left over from the season, like why Davina went so hard at Chrishell during the finale and if anyone knows what Chrishell and Justin's final fight was about, click here.