Selma Blair Gets Restraining Order Against Her Ex Following His Felony Domestic Violence Arrest

Selma Blair
Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

The actress was granted a protective order following an altercation with her ex back in February.

Selma Blair temporary protective order against her ex-boyfriend, Ronald Carlson, has been extended through July.

The actress was first granted the order following Carlson's arrest last month on charges of domestic violence. A hearing was scheduled for March 22 -- when the order was set to expire -- to determine whether or not the order should be extended.

However, the hearing on her temporary restraining order was pushed back to July 12. The restraining order will remain in place until the new hearing date.

According to court documents filed by Blair -- obtained by ET earlier this month -- Blair and Carlson were in a long-term relationship that recently came to an end. On Feb. 22, Carlson allegedly came over to Blair's home to drop off a TV set.

The actress claims that she told him she wasn't feeling well and was heavily medicated as part of her treatment for her battle with multiple sclerosis. In the docs, Blair alleges that Carlson got frustrated with her and began berating her, yelling, "You f**ked up, you can't do anything, you can't love anybody, you're f**king useless, you cripple."

Blair claims she responded to his remarks, "I don't f**king deserve this, I can do so much better than you." At which point, Carlson is accused of lunging at her while she was on a couch and attempting to strangle her as she tried to fight back.

She alleges that he placed his hands over her nose and mouth and she lost consciousness during the alleged altercation.

Police arrived at her home and interviewed the actress, where she says she began to bleed from her nose and again lost consciousness. EMTs at the scene made the decision to take her to the hospital for evaluation.

Carlson was arrested for felony domestic violence with corporal injuries. Police also obtained a five-day emergency protective order against Carlson on Blair's behalf.

A source tells ET that the alleged incident took place after she received one of her IV treatments for MS, which puts her in an incredibly weakened state.

Carlson denied Blair's account of the incident.

In documents previously obtained by ET, Carlson claimed he was at Blair's house when she became antagonistic and insulting toward him. 

He alleged that Blair swung at him and struck him in the face and began to scratch him, and that he did cover her face or mouth. He claimed that he left the house and was arrested later at his home, in front of his daughter.

"Selma is clearly upset about me wanting to end our relationship and she is unable to control her anger, resentment and aggression towards me," Carlson wrote in his request. "I urge the court to issue the requested orders." 

Carlson was later granted the temporary order against Blair.