Seth Meyers Talks 'Saturday Night Live,’ His New Children’s Book and Pete Davidson (Exclusive)

The 'Late Night' host was a cast member and writer for 'SNL' from 2001 to 2014.

Seth Meyers is adding children's book author to his lengthy list of accomplishments. In an interview with ET's Kevin Frazier, the 48-year-old Late Night host talks about his new book, I'm Not Scared, You're Scared, weighs in on the possibility of returning to Saturday Night Live and more.

Meyers worked on SNL from 2001 to 2014, and during that time was a cast member, head writer and host of "Weekend Update." As for whether he'd return to guest host the NBC program, Meyers jokes, "I’m too old. I feel like when I went back there to host [in 2018], I felt like an athlete who lost like 10 miles off his fastball. It’s so hard. I’m so impressed with everybody who’s still doing it. It was the best but it was a young man's game."

The father of three adds in jest, "That SNL is one a week in the middle of the night on Saturday. Once you hit my age, once you have kids, I’m not cut out for it anymore."

While a return to his roots remains to be seen, he's rooting for one SNL cast member. Last week, it was reported that 28-year-old Pete Davidson would be starring as a fictional version of himself in a show called Bupkis, produced by SNL's Lorne Michaels. 

"I think he’s a very interesting self as selves go and I’m looking forward to it," Meyers says of Davidson's new project. "I’ve always enjoyed everything Pete’s done and he’s done a fantastic job of being very honest about himself on SNL. I think that’s why people have been really connected to him."

As for what's next for Meyers, he's written a book to help kids face their fears. The humorous I'm Not Scared, You're Scared picture book is about Bear, who goes on an adventure with his friend, Rabbit, to learn the true meaning of bravery. 

"When you have kids, you start thinking about the idea of fear a lot more -- both your own and theirs," Meyers explains of the inspiration behind his children's book. "I wanted to write a book that was both an adventure story that kids would be engaged in with characters that they like to hear about, but also maybe start a conversation between parents and their kids about why it’s OK to be afraid of things."

Meyers admits that in his marriage to Alexi Ashe, he's scared Bear and she's fearless Rabbit. "I have a fearless wife which is an incredible partner to have when you're someone like me," he notes. "A lot of our conversations is her saying relax and that is what I need to hear."

When it comes to his hosting career, Meyers recalls what it was like to recently interview former Late Night and Late Show host David Letterman during Late Night's 40th anniversary episode. 

"It was the best. I mean, to talk to the guy who started it all and who’s so fascinating, and someone who just enjoys a good conversation, the hardest part was knowing that he didn’t want to spend 20 minutes hearing how great I thought he was," Meyers quips. "I just had to remember that know that he would want to reminisce and talk about his kids and talk about my kids and it was wonderful. It was 20 minutes well spent."

Meyers jokes that maybe even one day he'll grow a beard like 74-year-old Letterman once he's done with late-night television. "I will say this, based on the way I grow facial hair, I’d have to start now," he muses. "If I started now, maybe by the time I was his age, I would have half that beard."