Shania Twain on Influencing Harry Styles -- and a Possible Performance With Taylor Swift (Exclusive)

The 52-year-old singer says she 'owes' Swift an invitation to make an appearance on her upcoming tour.

Taylor Swift has impressed Shania Twain much. 

The "Delicate" singer hasn't been shy about sharing her love for Twain and how the singer has influenced her career -- but during a sit-down interview with ET on Wednesday, Twain said it's she who admires Swift "really deeply." 

"First of all, it takes courage to walk your own path, get off the treadmill, rise above the crowd and just do your own thing," Twain tells ET's Keltie Knight. "She is very prolific, she's just a talented songwriter. Music is in her soul and she focuses on her strength, improves her weaknesses."

"She's just a hardworking, talented lady... [She] speaks her truth and lives her truth, and I admire her for that," she adds. 

Twain is about to start her upcoming tour, Now, which kicks off on May 3 in Tacoma, Washington, while Swift sets off on her Reputation tour on May 8 in Glendale, Arizona. As for whether fans could see the stars cross paths during their tours, Twain said she "owes" Swift an invitation. 

"One time I just dropped in at one of her houses," Twain explains. "I reached out to her and said, 'I'm right next door, and I just waved from a distance, and she said, 'Come on over,' and we had wine and cheese and just chatted." 

"I want her to come and visit me and... [sing] whatever she wants to sing," she says. 

Swift, of course, is far from the only artist whose career Twain has influenced. During an interview with ET in Shanghai, China, last year, Harry Styles attributed his style -- both personally and musically -- to the "You're Still the One" singer.

"That's a huge compliment to me," Twain says. "Isn't he awesome? ...He's such a cool dude." 

"Because I wasn't recording for so long, I didn't really realize the effect that the music was having on, like, little kids... the next generation," she shares. "So here they are, voicing it now that they're in their own adult life... it's wicked. I'm, like, over the moon about it." 

"He's very stylish," she adds of Styles. "He's an elegant guy." 

See more on Twain in the video below.