Shaquille O'Neal, Trae Young and More NBA Stars Take on Jimmy Kimmel's 'Mean Tweets'

Kyle Lowry and Zach LaVine also participated.

Some of the NBA's biggest names are reading less-than-flattering things about themselves. On the latest edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live's "Mean Tweets," athletes including Shaquille O'Neal, Kyle Lowry and Trae Young hilariously reacted after finding out what some Twitter users really think of them.

The segment came amid the NBA finals, in which the Phoenix Suns are leading the Milwaukee Bucks 1-0.

"Shaquille O'Neal? More like Shaquille-Hasn't-Missed-A-Meal," the retired player read, before responding, "Tell your mother to make my sandwich -- and be naked when I get there. Hi, mom."

Next came someone calling Miami Heat's assistant coach Caron Butler a "s**t turd," another troll stating that the Milwaukee Bucks' Khris Middleton "can chop down trees with his teeth," and a third Twitter user saying that Dwight Howard, a player for the Philadelphia 76ers, "looks like a Sound Cloud rapper who offers you his albums at the gas station you avoid."

"Kemba actually lead[s] all guards in charges drawn two of the last three years," Kemba Walker of the Oklahoma City Thunder read. "My theory is that he is so short they simply do not see him."

"That's probably true, actually," he admitted in response.

Another tweet said that the Toronto Raptors' Kyle Lowry "looks like a 'Where's my hug?' type dude," to which he responded, "I need my hug."

Brandon Ingram of the New Orleans Pelicans said he doesn't know "what that means" after reading that he's "so skinny he can look through a peep hole with both eyes."

"I like Trae Young but his hair looks like a lollipop that got dropped on the carpet," the Atlanta Hawks player read, before responding, "What flavor lollipop? It may be delicious."

Chicago Bulls star Zach LaVine was one of the last subjects, reading off a tweet that stated, "Zach LaVine sucks and the Bulls never should've traded Jimmy Butler. If you disagree you're wrong and suck my butthole."

"I do disagree, but I'm gonna pass," he replied. "Strong pass."

Watch the video below to see another edition of "Mean Tweets."