Cinema w/ Sharlette: 'Harry Potter' Gets 'Black'

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When you hear the name Daniel Radcliffe it's no surprise that flying brooms and high-powered magic wands come to mind.

Radcliffe proves his promise and sustainability in the newly released ghostly thriller, The Woman In Black.

His ability to carry the entire film through his intriguing portrayal of Arthur Kipps is fearless. Although the move from Harry Potter has taken 10 years, it seems that Radcliffe makes a chilling choice and is still drawn to aspects of the supernatural.

The Woman in Black, adapted from Susan Hill's popular novel, tells the tale of a mourning father who encounters the rage of a spirit so vengeful, no one's child is safe. Director James Watkins (Eden Lake, The Descent 2) takes a modern day approach to a traditional Victorian ghost story.

Set up with elements of a slasher film yet the subtlety of a suspense drama, The Woman in Black is a rollercoaster ride with jolts and drops totally unexpected. At times you want to shut your eyes but the gripping performances of the ensemble cast seduce you to continue the path through the dark unknown.

Supporting actors Ciaran Hinds and Oscar-nominated Janet McTeer who, along with the help of exquisite art direction, flawlessly bring the character of a 19th century remote, United Kingdom to life. Composer Marco Beltrami captures the mystery of the Eel Marsh House and the intensity of the protagonist with every music cue.

This film, infused with such beauty will chill even the bravest of viewers. Parents of younger Radcliffe fans should adhere to the PG-13 rating. The black veil-wearing, fan-base will definitely appreciate the story's allusion to a sequel and it will be interesting to see where Radcliffe will take us next.