Cinema w/ Sharlette - 'Wanderlust'


Cinema w/ Sharlette - 'Wanderlust'

Wanderlust producer Judd Apatow, known for Pineapple Express and The 40 Year-Old Virgin is making us laugh again with his latest comedy starring an Idiot Brother and a Friend.

Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston play George and Linda, a couple suddenly hit with a dose of reality when they are forced to give up their small yet expensive NYC studio apartment and explore other options when they find themselves suddenly unemployed.

A funny turn of events leads the couple to a hippie commune, where greetings from a friendly nudist are just the start of a slew of awkward moments.

The writer/director, David Wain, refuses to hold back on just about every issue from unemployment to interracial dating, free love and drugs. The cast does a great job of mirroring our society and reflecting just how ridiculous living in the extremes can be.

The film visually pushes the envelope with the absurd and unexpected. Wanderlust is loaded with WTF moments and unforgettable images.

Rudd delivers a charming and self-deprecating performance. His expressions, including a hilarious impression of Robert DeNiro, make his performance a definite key to the story's success. The chemistry between Rudd and Aniston is delightful to watch. Their growth as a couple, struggling to find happiness, is amusing and real.

And the chemistry between real life couple Aniston and Justin Theroux is just as intriguing.

Theroux, who plays the commune's guru, Seth, falls for Aniston's character and attempts to woo her throughout the film. At the Wanderlust premiere, Aniston told ET that she has known Theroux for about five years and that he is just a good human being. "I always knew him with his look. Dark hair. Black hair. And the thing. The boots. So when I saw him for the camera test, I didn’t recognize him with the wig and stuff."

Aniston also sparkles in Wanderlust. Especially when looking into the eyes of her man, Justin Theroux. It seems as though the camera has been a fan of match-making for quite some time.

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton found love on the set of Cleopatra. Brad and Angelina had that same sparkle during the filming of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Twilight fans will never forget watching the romance develop between co-stars Robert Patterson and Kristen Stewart.

If you are looking to explore, Wanderlust could be the highlight of your weekend.