Sharna Burgess Intends to Go Into 2021 With 'Love' Amid Vacation With Brian Austin Green

Sharna Burgess and Brian Austin Green
Kelsey McNeal/ABC via Getty Images / Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

A source recently told ET that the 'DWTS' pro and actor are 'casually seeing each other.'

Sharna Burgess is bringing love into 2021! On New Year's Day, the 35-year-old Dancing With the Stars pro took to Instagram to reflect on the ups and downs of 2020, and reveal how she hopes to start 2021 on a positive note.

The lengthy post came just days after a source told ET that Burgess and 47-year-old actor Brian Austin Green are "casually seeing each other," and confirmed that the pair recently went on vacation together.

"How does one begin to sum up a year that has been equal parts devastating and incredible? I honestly don’t know," Burgess began. "The state of the world and the global experience of 2020 aside, I feel like this was the year when many of my lessons truly clicked. When what I have been practicing and preaching finally just became what is."

"I feel more myself, more settled, more focused, more clear than I think I ever have. More connected to me than I ever have," she continued. "Because of that, I see things coming into my world that I have been manifesting for a long time. I believe that’s because I am finally ready for them. The Universe... she knows. She always has."

Burgess wrote that, while she thinks "everything happens for a reason," 2020 brought challenges, including COVID-19 and its still-rising death toll, that made that belief hard to reconcile.

"One can only say WTF when looking at this year. While no one can take away the loss, the trauma, the PTSD, and the brutal fact that this year was what it was, we can also observe the silver linings," she wrote. "Out of COVID-19 came creativity. Out of quarantine came bonus time with family. Out of activism came changes for the better. Out of a nation divided, we have seen a greater stride for unity. Silver linings... maybe they can’t fully justify, they can’t reverse and they can’t take away pain, but they can give us something to find gratitude for if that’s what we choose."

From 2020, Burgess wrote, she learned that "everything is a choice."

"We cannot change what we cannot control, so we must focus on how we act and react to the world around us," she wrote. "I choose to react with kindness, respect, understanding, optimism, positivity, wholehearted gratitude and above all else, love. Love for myself, love for my people, and love for even those who haven’t got it for me... yet ;)"

"I have no resolution this year other than to move forward with the same intentions, and hopefully inspire some people along the way," Burgess continued. "Now all that’s left to say is this... scream it loudly with me... JUMANJI! Let’s get the f**k up out of this game & into 2021"

Green shared a similar message of hope for 2021 in his New Year's Instagram post.

"Happy New Year to everyone!!" he wrote alongside a shirtless pic of himself lounging in a pool. "Let’s all find the connection to love and togetherness again :)"

While both Burgess and Green shared snaps from their trip on Instagram, neither of them posted pics of the other. ET's source noted that the pair isn't putting a label on their relationship.

"Sharna was dating Jason [Oppenheim] from Selling Sunset and now she bounced to Brian. She’s dating around and having fun, it’s not serious with anyone," the source said. "Usually she’s pretty open and likes to talk about who she’s seeing, but she’s staying pretty tightlipped about Brian."

Green was married to Megan Fox for 10 years. Fox, who's currently dating Machine Gun Kellyfiled for divorce from Green in November. The former couple share three sons, Noah, 8, Bodhi, 6, and Journey, 4. Green is also dad to 18-year-old Kassius from a previous relationship.

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