Sharna Burgess Opens Up About Her 'Beautiful' Romance With Brian Austin Green (Exclusive)

The stunning couple stepped out together for Cassie Scerbo's '80s-themed birthday bash in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Looks like Sharna Burgess and Brian Austin Green's relationship is heating up!

The stunning couple attended Cassie Scerbo's '80s-themed birthday bash (benefitting Boo2Bullying) in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

The Dancing With the Stars pro -- who looked gorgeous in a light blue top and matching pleated pants -- opened up to ET's Katie Krause about why this event was particularly meaningful to the pair.

"He is so passionate about doing good in the world and leaving his mark... and that is really one of the ways we connected so much, is [asking] 'What do we want to do in the world?'" Burgess shared. "What a beautiful way to have our first event together, to support a cause that is making headway in ending bullying."

"Because he also has three beautiful young boys that are in school, and a 19-year-old, and anyone who has kids would understand, you would fight for your kids to to not have to go through bullying," she added.

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This is the first time Burgess, 35, and Green, 47, have stepped out to a high-profile event together.

The two became Instagram official in January, just weeks after photographers caught them packing on the PDA in Hawaii.

According to Burgess, she's had to find a balance between "screaming it from the mountaintop" and keeping things private when it comes to talking about their romance.

"That anonymity, that little secret that was just ours, we kept that for as long as we could," she said, beaming.

"We took out time and we really got to know each other for who we are on the inside," Burgess said of their burgeoning relationship. "And we really built something beautiful."

The pair have now been dating for six months, and Burgess said both she and Green are awed by how quickly the time has passed.

"It feels like yesterday that we were saying, 'How has it only been four weeks?' and now it's like, 'How has it been six months?!' she shared. "It's gone so, so fast."

Part of the reason for the pair taking their time to build their relationship comes from dating during quarantine, which presented an entirely different experience for them both.

"It was a different way of dating. We really took our time. We took four or five dates before we even kissed," she said. "It was truly about getting to know the human being, because that's where we are both at in our lives. I'm not really dating for fun, I'm dating for serious. I want to get to know you on the inside."

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Burgess added that, because of the lockdowns, "There's less outside distractions. I'm not traveling as much... it allowed us time to get to know each other."

With productions back in full swing and season 30 of Dancing With the Stars on the horizon, Burgess reflected on how Green had almost been cast as her dance partner during the last season of the show, but backed out. The dancer also admitted that now, she's not sure if she'd actually want him to join the show as her partner.

"It's such a different bubble to work in," she said. "I love what we have, and Dancing With the Stars is a whole other experience. It could put us in too much of a public space where people are like, 'Oh! They're fighting' or... 'Oh, there's no chemistry.' People do that enough when your not dating your dance partner, so it's like, do we want those eyes on us?"

A source told ET last month that Green had already introduced Burgess to the three children he shares with his estranged wife, Megan Fox -- 8-year-old Noah, 6-year-old Bodhi and 4-year-old Journey.

"Brian sees a lot of potential with Sharna and is curious to see how things blossom further," the source said at the time. "Sharna has met Brian's kids and they think she is super nice and get along swimmingly with her."

"Brian loves how optimistic and positive Sharna is and how she is super driven and always smiling and laughing," added the source. "He admires that she does her best to enjoy life and lead a successful professional life as well."

Last April, while speaking to ET via Zoom, Burgess admitted that one thing she had been "really private" about the last few years was her dating life.

"I used to share everything, up until I was about 30 and my last long-term relationship ended," she said. "Because it's hard, even in your own circle of family and friends. You want to have your own opinion, not everyone else's opinion. You don't want to be over-influenced by what other people think about the decisions or the choices you're making. And so that's something that I've kept pretty private for a while."

"I'm down to talk about growing up, the environment, the mommy-daddy issues that we all have, acne, all the things that we go through," she continued. "But dating is just the one thing that I find really difficult to share."

Burgess added, however, that once she knows "it's for real," she won't be able "to shut up" about it. "It's just that, like, process of finding him, you know?" she explained. Hear more in the video below: