Sharna Burgess Shares How truSculpt flex Really Works

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Sharna Burgess is taking ET inside her latest session with truSculpt® flex by Cutera.   

"truSculpt® flex is this awesome machine that is about muscle building and sculpting," she tells ET's Katie Krause. "It's like you get the results of a hard workout." 

Burgess is used to working her muscles all day on the dance floor, but says truSculpt® flex feels "completely different." "Dancing targets a lot of different muscles. Especially on DWTS, you're moving another person around, our back muscles get very toned. But it doesn't necessarily target the lower abs as much," she says. 

With truSculpt® flex, Burgess targets those hard-to-reach areas -- fast. "I would say about four to six [sessions is all it takes] for you to really see it, which is essentially a lot quicker than going to the gym," Burgess notes. 

Eight areas can be treated in just one 45-minute session; spacing treatments out at least two days apart and two treatments per week are ideal. 

"The average cost is somewhere between $3,500 and $4,000 for eight applicators to be used in four treatments," Burgess explains -- but there's zero recovery time. 

"It's not painful at all. It's, like, in between a tickle and a tingle," she describes, adding that she could feel her abs getting fatigued. 

"This was my workout today!" Burgess exclaims.