Sharon Osbourne Talks Major Crush on Keanu Reeves and How Ozzy Feels About It (Exclusive)

The TV personality is also crushing on Anderson Cooper.

Sharon Osbourne's husband supports her celeb crushes. While co-hosting Monday's episode of Entertainment Tonight, the 68-year-old television personality told ET's Kevin Frazier how Ozzy Osbourne reacted after she publicly expressed her love for Keanu Reeves.

"He loves him. Oh god, he's such a huge fan of his. Huge," Sharon revealed of Ozzy's feelings toward Keanu. "[Keanu] is such a nice guy. He's a really nice guy. I've known him for years. He came and played on a show I was doing with his band, like, 20 years ago. He's just a good guy."

"I do think about him a lot, I must admit," she added with a laugh.

Sharon's appreciation for Keanu hasn't diminished her similar feelings for Anderson Cooper.

"I still love Anderson. How can you not?" she said. "The other night I was watching him and he had this pinstripe suit on [with] a beautiful shirt and tie, and I'm like, 'You still got it, Anderson.'"

As for Ozzy's reaction to that particular crush, Sharon revealed that he told her to "knock yourself out.'"

During her visit to Entertainment Tonight, Sharon also opened up about her family's upcoming Travel Channel special, The Osbournes: Night of Terror, which follows along as she and Ozzy virtually watch their children, Jack and Kelly, ghost hunt at a spooky Los Angeles location.

"I was really, really nervous for Kelly 'cause she's not done it before," Sharon admitted of her 36-year-old daughter. "Jack's OK, he can take it, but there were bits in there where they go running out of these houses and I did have to giggle because the crew, Kelly, Jack all went running out of the house and I'm like, 'Oh my god.'"

While Kelly "completely" freaked out during one point of filming, Sharon noted that her 34-year-old son simply finds all things paranormal "so fascinating."

"He's fascinated by it. He's totally into it. I mean, it's not, like, just the gig. He's totally into this," she said. "People ask Jack, 'Why have you now gone to extreme sports to now this?' and I suppose it's got something to do with the family. It does. Definitely on the darker side of life. We're not interested in happy, sunny things."

As for if she'll ever venture out on a real-life ghost-hunting mission, Sharon said she's "not scared of anything."

"I don't know whether he'll take me, because he knows I'll start giggling," she said of Jack, before revealing that she's "on the fence" about believing in the supernatural.

"Before it was a definite no, but now, after watching Kelly and Jack on this last adventure, I need to go to see for myself," she said. "I need to get the atmosphere. I need to be there."

New episodes of Jack's series, Portals to Hell, return Friday, Oct. 30 at 8 p.m., followed by the two-hour special The Osbournes: Night of Terror at 9 p.m. on Travel Channel.