Shay Mitchell Posts Her 'Pretty Little Liars' Audition Tape and Shares How She Got the Role

shay mitchell
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Shay Mitchell took a walk down memory lane and ended up in Rosewood!

The 30-year-old actress posted her Pretty Little Liars audition tape to her YouTube channel on Friday, and it is everything!

Mitchell, who provides live commentary while watching the tape, explains in the video that she was working bottle service the night before her audition, and would hide in the coat-check room throughout the night to memorize her lines. Just a short time later, she was headed to L.A. to star as Emily Fields!

Check out the video below. 

Pretty Little Liars wrapped up its seven-season run this year, and Mitchell has already nabbed another role on Lifetime's You. 

"It’s juicy… It still has all those elements that PLL had with it being sort of a mystery, there’s a romance part to it and it’s just exciting,” Mitchell told ET in September. “It’s definitely going to have those elements. I think it’s a little bit more mature… It deals with a lot of crazy things like PLL did, but it’s a different storyline. If you loved PLL, you’re gonna absolutely love You. And if you never saw PLL, you’re still going to love You." 

See more in the video below. 


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