Sherri Shepherd Returns to Guest Host 'The Wendy Williams Show' After Having Emergency Surgery

The former co-host of 'The View' shares had an emergency appendectomy.

Just one day after undergoing an emergency appendectomy, Sherri Shepherd returned to the guest-hosting chair on The Wendy Williams Show.

The 54-year-old TV personality, who looked fantastic during Tuesday's episode, detailed exactly what happened in the moments leading up to having her appendix removed. 

"I'm walking through the streets of New York City and literally it was this excruciating pain in my abdomen and my assistant got me to the hospital, because I was in such agony," she explained. "They put me on an IV and then gave me a CT and came back and said I have appendicitis."

Shepherd said she then started crying "because the doctor said I had to have my appendix taken out right then and there."

She was so committed to her guest-hosting duties, Shepherd says she asked doctors if they could push the surgery until after she was done with filling in for the still-recovering Williams. The doctor, however, had news for Shepherd, who said she was told that if her appendix burst, she could die.

And, like all great comics who find a way to put a funny spin on dire situations, Shepherd joked, "When I heard that word die, I said, 'Can someone find me Michael Rapaport?!"

Sure enough, Rapaport filled in for Shepherd on Monday's show. The actor and comedian opened the program by saying, "So Sherri was supposed to host today. Unfortunately, she had appendicitis. She's fine. She is fine. She had to go to the hospital last night for some emergency surgery. She's feeling fine today and she is rested. Get well soon, Sherri. Everybody loves you!" 

Shepherd shared some more details of her emergency surgery on her Instagram, sharing how grateful she is to be back.

"Sunday night I had an emergency appendectomy… But on Tuesday I made my return to the @WendyShow!," she explained. "So grateful to be back! Even more grateful that my friend @sosobrat & her lovely wife @darealbbjudy joined me on the journey! Thank You for supporting me! The love you all have shown has been so appreciated! 💜."

She also posted a photo of the dress she was planning to wear to make her hosting return before having her appendix removed, adding that her stylist was looking for loser fitting outfits to put her in while she recovers.

"With some alterations this would’ve been my opening day dress ( @tagsboutique ) for @wendyshow but my stomach is swollen from the surgeons removing my appendix," Shepherd said of the form-fitting mauve wrap dress. "I tried it on and swore I heard the dress scream “Bisssshhhh what do you think you’re doing!” @4kwame my stylist is frantically shopping for loose & flowing dresses right now! Saints… pray for me! Can’t wait for see you!"

Shepherd will fulfill her duties as guest host for the rest of the week. David Perler, executive producer for The Wendy Williams Show, announced earlier this month that the show would feature guest hosts on into 2022

The move comes as Williams continues on her road to recovery following several health scares.