Sheryl Lee Ralph Responds to Those Questioning Her Bi-Coastal Marriage With Vincent Hughes (Exclusive)

The actress and her husband, Vincent Hughes, tied the knot in 2005.

Sheryl Lee Ralph is happy and in love with her husband, Vincent Hughes, no matter the distance!

This week, the pair's relationship was the subject of online chatter, after reports claimed that she was finally moving in with her husband -- who is a Pennsylvania senator -- after almost two decades of marriage, and splitting their time between Pennsylvania and Los Angeles. 

"Vincent and I have been married going on 19 years," Ralph told ET's Nischelle Turner on Tuesday at the Elle Women in Hollywood event. "We've been together 21 years. Abbott [Elementary] is shot in Los Angeles. My husband as a senator is always in his Capitol, so I don't know what magic people think we're gonna do." 

Ralph shared that she is seeing the love of her life, so there's no reason to speculate or worry about their living arrangements.

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"We see each other on the average of every two weeks," she added. "And everybody who questions that I say, guess what? We're still married!"

Ralph, 66, and Hughes, 67, met through mutual friends and tied the knot in 2005. The pair, who were each married prior, blended their families with two children each.

Ralph's personal life isn't the only thing filling her with joy. The Emmy-winning actress also celebrated Abbott Elementary making its return in February following the end of the SAG-AFTRA strike. 

"I'm so happy because I work on an outstanding show with outstanding people," she told ET. "Quinta [Brunson], Tyler [James Williams], Janelle [James], Lisa [Ann Walter], Chris [Perfetti], Stan, we get to do something special. I mean, the editor of Elle came up to me and she said, 'Abbott Elementary, I watch it with my family together.' That means something."

Following all of the success, Ralph was happy to celebrate the women in entertainment. 

"I'm so happy it's ridiculous," she said of attending the event. "If you look up grateful in the dictionary you're gonna see my picture. "I remember so clearly when I got my first job, cast by Sidney Poitier, in Piece of the Action, and when I wrapped the film he said, 'I am so sorry the industry has nothing to offer you, because you deserve so much more,'" she said.

"And here I am at 123 years old to be able to look at these women being celebrated for everything they bring to the industry. It was just in my mind when I think about it, yesterday you wouldn't find a woman behind the camera, you wouldn't find a woman carrying the camera, you would hardly find a woman producing the show, running the studio. I'm so happy to be here to celebrate the she, the Elle of it all."


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