'Shōgun' Sneak Peek: See Lord Ishido Arrive (Exclusive)

New episodes of the feudal samurai drama debut Tuesdays on FX and Hulu.

The popular new series Shōgun continues to unravel a dramatic story set in feudal Japan.

In ET's exclusive new sneak peek at episode 3, viewers get a glimpse at the arrival of Lord Ishido (Takehiro Hira) as he makes his presence known in the late 1500s.

In the clip, Toda Mariko (Anna Sawai) sanitizes her instructions for Pilot-Major John Blackthorne (Cosmo Jarvis) as their party prepares to depart on a journey. While the soldiers refer to Blackthorne as "the barbarian," Mariko simply explains that he is to walk alongside their litter as they travel.

But the party hasn't set off before the arrival of one of the series' major players: Lord Ishido, who rides ominously through the gates.

An official synopsis for the upcoming episode shares, "After Blackthorne survives a brazen assassination attempt, Toranaga (Hiroyuki Sanada) realizes he must ferry his allies out of Osaka or risk certain defeat."

Shōgun, created by Rachel Kondo and Justin Marks, is based on the 1975 novel of the same name by James Clavell. The novel was also previously adapted into a limited series, which aired on NBC in September 1980. 

The series also stars Tadanobu Asano, Tommy Bastow, Fumi Nikaido and more.

New episodes of Shōgun debut Tuesdays on Hulu and FX.


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