'Siesta Key' Stars Madisson Hausburg and Ish Soto on Proposal, Wedding Plans and Living in Quarantine

The couple opened up to ET a day after surprising their co-stars with their engagement news.

Siesta Key star Madisson Hausburg is opening up about wedding planning and motherhood following her engagement to producer Ismael "Ish" Soto. The happy couple spoke with ET and dished on their engagement news and their plans for the future.

Hausburg and Soto joined ET's Katie Krause via video chat on Wednesday, and the 25-year-old reality star revealed that the pair had gotten engaged back on May 1, but managed to keep it a secret until the MTV reality show's virtual reunion, which aired Tuesday.

This proved to be challenging, because it meant having to keep her sparkling engagement ring a bit more low-key than she would have liked.

"I wore it out in L.A. I wanted to wear it all of the time, and it was good because none of my cast mates were there," Hausburg shared. "We were just trying to keep it a secret... so it would be a surprise on the reunion."

Hausburg and Soto's engagement was a big surprise during the reunion, in part because Soto is a former producer on the show. During the special, hosted by Jeannie Mai, Hausburg was asked if she was any closer to her dream life, and Soto -- who was also present via Zoom -- told her to show them. Hausburg then flashed her engagement ring to the camera to the shock of everyone.

Hausburg shared that they bought a house in Los Angeles and Soto had proposed on the first full day they spent in their house together.

Now, however, Hausburg is in Florida spending time with her family, and Soto is working on set in Canada, so the distance has been challenging.

"We only lived together during quarantine. So it was really good because we got to spend, like, so much time together," Hausburg shared. "But then obviously he left for Canada, so it's been tough, but it's okay."

The time in quarantine has given Hausburg a chance to start her wedding preparations, but the reality star admitted that getting things together in any concrete way is "so hard, just because the state of the world is just so unknown right now."

"Obviously I'm looking at Instagram for inspiration and stuff and, like, wedding dresses, but I can't lock down a date or a venue right now," she explained.

"It is tough because we were actually supposed to go to Greece last month, I think for one of her friends' wedding, so a lot of people unfortunately had to cancel or postpone their wedding," Soto chimed in. "So it's not a really good time, unfortunately."

"It's really hard to figure out when borders are gonna open up, where we're gonna do it," he added. "There's obviously a lot that goes into it."

"The only thing I know for sure is I want like, a winter holiday wedding," Hausburg shared. "Just because I think it's so magical around Christmastime, so I really want that."

Hausburg has been very open on Siesta Key about wanting to be a mom in the future, but she says that she feels getting married is more of an immediate priority.

"I think it's wedding before baby," she shared. "I don't need to rush it. But yeah, it's definitely still a conversation and something that is going to happen for sure."

"I'm looking forward to it," Soto said. "You know, I think Madisson's going to be an amazing mother and I couldn't have asked for a better partner."