Single Rebel Wilson on 'Looking for the Right Person,’ Equal Pay & ‘Flipping Out’ Friendship

Rebel WIlson at Pitch Perfect 3 premiere
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The actress also has a K-pop project in the works with Simon Cowell!

Attention, lads! Rebel Wilson is single and ready to mingle.

The Australian actress discussed everything from her K-pop project with Simon Cowell, hanging with Flipping Out’s Jeff Lewis and bonding with Anne Hathaway to the #metoo movement and her love life during a new interview with Vogue Australia.

“I am totally single,” the 38-year-old Pitch Perfect star confirmed to the magazine's June issue. “I think I’m looking for the right person, but there isn’t a good pool of people to date in L.A.”

In fact, Wilson is totally up for giving reality television a chance to help her find love. She told Australian show The Project that she “really related” to the most recent season of The Bachelorette in Australia, and also floated the idea during a behind-the-scenes video of her Vogue Australia shoot.

“I’d totally do The Bachelorette, but it would probably ruin my international film career,” she says in the clip. “But wouldn’t it be fun? Someone to select male suitors for you? Yeah.”

Until she finds that special someone, Wilson has no less than five projects on the go, having reportedly joined New Zealand director Taika Waititi’s new film, Jojo Rabbit.

She is also developing a comedy about Korean pop music with Simon Cowell “because he is very musical,” and enjoyed bonding with Anne Hathaway on the set of their upcoming film, The Hustle, co-produced by her production company, Camp Sugar, and loosely inspired by the 1988 flick Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

“Annie was in an a capella group in college, and so for some reason we obviously got talking about that,” Wilson shared. “She is very pro-female comedy.”

Vogue Australia

Having made her mark in Hollywood with 2011's Bridesmaids, Wilson is no stranger to the dark side of the industry, such as the harassment that has inspired the #metoo movement. According to the magazine, she was once coerced into a hotel room by a married man and also experienced a “sexist incident” while filming the first Pitch Perfect movie.

She said that being a “good negotiator” and knowing her worth has helped her avoid other issues commonly experienced by women, such as pay inequality.

“I have been in such girl-power projects, my first movie Bridesmaids and then Pitch Perfect,” she explained. “The girls far outweighed the boys and got paid far more. Pay disparity hasn’t been an issue and I also think I’m a good negotiator, which is why I get good contracts. Some women may not know their worth, but I have a good sense of it. I don’t need to be paid more than men: I just need to be paid fairly.”

And where does a good chunk of that pay go? Into Wilson’s love for interior design and decorating! As well as a property in her native Sydney, Australia, she also has homes in L.A., New York and London and has developed a strong passion for keeping them looking stylish.

“I was living with [British comedian] Matt Lucas, who has a good eye for design and worked on the interior design of the house in West Hollywood we shared,” she shared. “I learnt a bit from that and then it just started. I went with Jeff Lewis, who has a show called Flipping Out, and I learnt everything: I went to the marble quarry, tile store, flooring stores, all of them … and I’m obsessed with textured wallpapers. I never thought I would even care about that kind of thing, but maybe because I travel so much and work so hard, I want my house to be a sanctuary.”

See Wilson joke about why she's single while talking to ET below.