Sophia Bush Shuts Down 'One Tree Hill' Co-Star Hilarie Burton's Haters With One Tweet

Sophia Bush Hilarie Burton
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Burton recently found herself in hot water after declaring she would not be attending the 'One Tree Hill' EyeCon convention.

Even after all these years, Hilarie Burton and Sophia Bush stick together. 

On Thursday, Bush, 35, defended her One Tree Hill co-star after she received some backlash for declaring that she would not be attending the annual OTH EyeCon convention.

"I'm sorry Mary. I will not be attending any EyeCon events. Ever," Burton replied to a fan on Twitter. "I personally feel exploited by their ‘girl power' angle, which exists at the expense of some of us who went through a difficult time on that show. They're using our sisterhood as a sales gimmick. No thanks."

Several members of EyeCon took offense to the 35-year-old actress' tweet, and let her know it. 

"@HilarieBurton ‘Girl Power Angle' WOW I'm part of the Eyecon company made up of mostly women and I'm on that ME TOO list!" read one response. "You know nothing about US or the women who help me get out of bed ever day so I can find myself again."

"Girl Power' isn't an angle, it's a way of life. I am proud to work for a company that is made up of mostly women. I am proud to be part of a company that puts smiles on people's faces. I am proud to be part of @EyeCon3000," another comment proclaimed.

Upon seeing this Twitter exchange, Bush spoke out in defense of Burton with one simple tweet. "Hilarie Burton is my sister. Don't f**k with her. Period," she wrote.

This isn't the first time the women of OTH have had each other's backs. 

Last November, One Tree Hill showrunner Mark Schwahn was accused of sexual harassment by 18 cast and crew members in an open letter. Bush, Burton, Jana Kramer and Bethany Joy Lenz also threw their support behind their former colleague, Audrey Wauchope, who additionally accused Schwahn of sexual harassment.

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