'Southern Charm': Craig Confronts Madison Over Stringing Austen Along After Breakup (Exclusive)

Craig Conover chats with Madison LeCroy on Bravo's 'Southern Charm'

ET has your exclusive sneak peek at 'Southern Charm's final episode of 2020, an honest chat between Craig Conover and Madison LeCroy.

A breakup works best when it’s a clean break. At the least, that's the advice Craig Conover attempts to impart on Madison LeCroy in ET's exclusive sneak peek at Thursday’s Southern Charm. The pair meet up for a chat about love in the wake of Madison's split from Austen Kroll. At the start, Craig just gushes about the new lady in his life, Natalie Hegnauer, calling her "probably the one."

"Everyone tells you you’ll meet someone later, then you finally do and you’re like, nothing matters anymore,” Craig tells Madison. The Sewing Down South founder seemingly felt like his chances of falling in love again after his breakup with Naomie Olindo years ago were slim.

"I wonder when that’ll happen for me," Madison ponders, to which Craig says, "There’s a step that has to happen for that to happen, and that’s the separation."

"Every time you text him reignites the flame of hope," Craig tells the hairstylist, who’s continued to reach out to Austen after ending their relationship.

"You aren’t in love anymore, he is," he adds. "If you can’t say definitively, 'Yes, I love this person,' you’re not in love with them! I mean, just be straight up. Look, when you see the altar, you want it to be him, but it’s not him."

"No, it’s not," she confesses.

"The nicest thing you can do, if you care about Austen, is to walk away and not talk to him anymore, ever," Craig says. "Cut him out of your life."

"Well, that’s not gonna happen," Madison interjects.

"You know that’s the only way that this works," Craig fires back, "because this f**ker won’t move on from you and this is my last resort. I don’t know what else to do other than to tell you, unfortunately, you have to f**king walk away."

Watch their full chat here:

Bravo first teased Craig and Madison's conversation in the season trailer, and it came as a surprise to Austen, who told ET in November that it hurt to watch.

"The thing that stuck out the most in my mind was the conversation with Craig and Madison, and he was like, do you love him anymore? And she just flat out, with no hesitation, said, no," he shared. "I was like, what? And it's so tough, because -- we'll see later on in the season -- but you have her being like, ‘You should not be listening to Craig. Craig is not your friend.’ And he's like, ‘Austen, she does not even love you.’ And they're both saying opposite things."

Weeks later, after their breakup became public knowledge, Madison admitted to ET she found it hard to quit Austen, and it's a struggle viewers will see as the rest of season 7 plays out.

"He is not my boyfriend," she said. "He still is a friend of mine. I have my thoughts on him. I think eventually it will all die down. I sometimes tend to look at my exes and think, what were you thinking? But hopefully that [day] comes, because I'm ready to go. I'm ready to close this chapter with him. I'm sick of the gray area."

"I think that having that person that you call and you kind of download on your day, and just having that friend who you go out and have a good time, like, that's something that I'm going to miss, that we built together," she added. "I'll miss being able to call him and, you know, he's always available."

See more from Madison in the video below. Southern Charm airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.