'Southern Charm' Stars Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green Break Up After Two Years

Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green
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ET confirmed Wednesday that the pair decided to go their separate ways after two years of dating.

Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green are calling it quits. ET can confirm that the Southern Charm stars have decided to go their separate ways after two years of dating.

According to People, who first broke the news, it came down to an issue of commitment for the once, self-proclaimed life-long bachelor, with the outlet reporting that 42-year-old Rose had a disinterest in being faithful -- an issue that did not sit well with his 27-year-old girlfriend.

It's not a new gripe for the pair, with Rose admitting during last season's reunion, that "there was some text messages" between him and another woman. "It was an old flame," he told host Andy Cohen, adding, "and I kissed a girl in a stairwell, but that's all it was."

When ET spoke to Rose last year, he touched on his fear of commitment and how Green was helping him through that.

"I think a lot of my trepidation comes from selfishness, quite frankly, and being able to move at a moment's notice and go wherever I want," he said at the time. "Or flirt or whatever, innocently flirt and stuff like that. That's scared me, but I've been having so much fun, and life is really, really good with sweet Taylor. So it's definitely given me pause about my philosophies in life."

He even discussed the possibility of having children with Green, a topic that was touched on in a recent episode of the Bravo reality TV series after Green's period came later, causing the couple to worry that she may be pregnant.

"There's no doubt, I think that that's definitely something I'd like," Rose admitted when the topic was broached. "Just to be able to create a little person, and teach them the things to do, and what not to do, and watch them fail, and watch them succeed has to be one of the coolest things in the world. So I'm not blind to that fact."

"Here's the problem," he continued. "To get to where they're even making those decisions, and their personality is forming, you have to go through a lot of years of just a little lump of flesh. I would love if people could just fast forward their baby till five years old, and then move from there."

Rose said he was still taking things day by day with Green who he said he only discusses parenthood when they are "at least" into a bottle of wine. 

"I don't think that there's, like, an epiphany," he added of bringing kids into the world. "I think it's, you take Door A or Door B and you wonder about the other door sometimes. That's how we're all wired. There's nothing certain in this life if that's the right decision. Well, that's untrue -- some things are clearly the right decision. I think it's healthy to have internal debate, and sometimes you walk around and you read the signs of what maybe your life is leaning in one direction and it's kind of lovely, and you got to pay attention to them."

ET has reached out to the couple's reps for comment.